Cobblestone 1

Cobblestone Farm Paris – Paris, Ontario

At 2022 Toronto Garlic Festival offering: Duganski, Persian Star, Siberian, Fish Lake III, Music, Leningrad, Georgian Fire, Rose, Yugoslavian, Russian Red, Portuguese, Armenian, Carpathian, German Mennonite, Legacy,
Will also be selling a variety of hot peppers, squash, potatoes and greens. All items grown on our farm.

The Cobblestone Farm is a small family own farm located in Brant County. We have been growing high quality Gourmet Garlic for over 10 years. Although not Organically certified we follow sustainable farming practices ensuring proper care for the earth. This year we will be selling over 15 varieties including Music, Carpathian, Fish Lake, Siberian, Portuguese, Russian Red, Leningrad, Persian Star, and many more. We will also have a additional produce grown here on our Farm.