Toronto Garlic Festival has created the Ontario Garlic in the Classroom lesson plan. Starting with Autumn, planting this versatile guide takes students on the garlic growing journey through the school year. It incorporates modules in Math, Science, Humanities and Language Arts and is suitable for grades 3-5 but is easily adapted for other grades. Garlic is a forgiving plant offering great rewards.


Created with help from teacher/farmer Shawn Stevens, the Ontario Garlic in the Classroom student lesson plan will engage your students on many levels:

• It brings them closer to the soil

• It helps them gain a better understanding of where food comes from

• It gives them an opportunity to participate in a team activity

• It helps them understand their connection to other cultures through garlic

• It channels their new-found interest in Ontario garlic into an interest in cooking and diet


Ontario Garlic in the Classroom Student Guide and Teacher’s Guide are available to download for free on Toronto Star’s Classroom Connection.