“The marketing was exemplary, we do a lot of festivals and I’ve never seen so much widespread coverage on Instagram, fb, media and blogs. It was very impressive.” — Chef Jane Tran, Chau


This important event heightens the understanding of the work of Ontario farmers and brings together the fabric of our diverse communities…the wonderful opportunities to see this product used in so many different ways does much to connect our common interests and all of us…the festival brings an eclectic group together: farmers, gardeners, chefs, scientists, health experts and many others. It is more than it seems…”MPP Michael Tibollo


The Toronto Garlic Festival is one of the only festivals in Toronto where I really felt appreciated as an artist 😊💖. And they really appreciated all the artists!! The way everything was scheduled, done, compensated and even the goodie bags of garlic and garlic things was so nice too 💖💖💖 I loved DJing there, seeing the other performers eating DELICIOUS food and seeing all the cool possibilites with garlic 😃😃😃 –  DJ Flavia Abadía  yourgirlflav


“The feeling is so warm and positive to acknowledge the comments and complements from people from all over the Globe swarming the growing and diverse Toronto Garlic Festival each and every year.” — Farmers Bob &  Irene Romaniuk,  Brant County Garlic Co, Scotland, Ontario


Congratulations on conceiving of and executing to an ever higher standard these past few years. It is a great concept and one that, thankfully has growing meaning for citizens of our fair city. Have a great year!” Chef Jamie Kennedy, Jamie Kennedy Kitchens


Big day at garlic festival. Sold out of bread, cultured black garlic butter, and almost out of garlic maple syrup.” — Chef Noah Bedard – Drake Commissary


“The atmosphere was great. The attendees were extremely engaged. We distributed more printed materials than we normally do – in some cases in multiples of 10! Food sales also met our expectations.”  — Philly Markowitz,  Grey County Economic Development, Local Food


“The location was positive, atmosphere was supportive, volunteers were passionate and helpful. many visitors were various ethnic groups who know or love about garlic, so it was very multi-cultural community actions that i think it helps dynamic cultural development in the hub of Toronto.
Well Done!!”Soyoung Lee, Samsara Fields


“That so many people still came out in the rain!” — Shawn Stevens, Good Day Garlic


Attracts the right crowd of people and a ton of them! Location is great as well! TONS of very helpful volunteers which made load in very easy for us. Heather Cotie, Sarafino


“I just wanted to congratulate you on another phenomenal event yesterday.  I realised yesterday how much TGF really feels like a festival!  So much going on, tons of fun being had by all, great vibes everywhere.  Thank you so much.  And, of course, I appreciate the chance to get my garlic to the people, and to help people learn about growing it.” — Daniel Hoffman, The Cutting Veg


“You have done an amazing job of growing your festival. The Toronto Garlic Festival draws a crowd that no other event attracts. The upscale, educated crowd that attends your festival makes it an exceptional event. You have managed to stay true to your roots and your mission statement while making the festival enjoyable for both exhibitors and attendees. You have made it affordable for all….A good value for both exhibitors and visitors.”   — Mark Holman,  Moose River


“… You’ve put together a festival unlike any other we have been to. Your goal that everyone enjoy themselves was absolutely met… We were impressed with the constant stream of engaged people.  Never before have I looked down a row of vendors to see each and every one of them packed with people with questions and smiling faces. ” —  Chef Kristofir & Christopher,  Vegiterra, Pop-Up Restaurant & Catering


“The day was a great success. Despite the looming weather there was a terrific turnout to the event and many were enlightened with the ways of garlic. We had a successful day although we ran out of biscuits by 1:30 and soup by 4:30.”Chef Donna Dooher, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen


“This past year I attended as a garlic farmer and was amazed by the turnout and excitement all the attendees had about garlic…I loved the mix between garlic farmers, food vendors, beer vendors, workshops and chef demos. The products available for sale were of excellent quality.”  — Farmer Heather MacMillan, Little Trickle Farm, Douglas Ontario