Inviting all Ontario Chefs, Chocolatiers, Farmers, Farmers’ Markets, , Wineries and Breweries, Community Centres, Libraries and more to join in the celebration of Ontario Garlic. Registration is free thanks to support from our sponsor, Live Green Toronto.

Celebration Guidelines

Dates: Friday, September 22 to Sunday, October 1, 2023.

Registration Fee: None, thanks to our Program Partner Live Green Toronto

Celebration Ideas: Feature at least one food product that includes Ontario garlic as an ingredient or, a non-food product such as a craft item that is garlic themed or, a talk or demo, contest etc that references Ontario grown garlic.

Food and drink establishments make and sell at least one item using Ontario garlic; includes mom & pop restaurant, franchise, bar, farmers’ market food vendor, food truck, pop-up vendor, bakery, ice cream, chocolatier, dessert shop, etc. Sell via dine-in/patio, online, take-out, delivery.  Set your own price, discounts optional

Participation Format: Be a Garlic Pop-Up from your place of business or a farmers’ market or other place, and offer garlic products, dishes, crafts, or talks.

Geographic Restrictions: None. All Ontario locations will be promoted.

Duration of Your Participation: Any date or dates from Friday, Sept 22 to Sunday, Oct 1, 2023 (inclusive). Indicate your availability when you register..

Sign Up by Sept 8 for maximum coverage.

Our commitment is to boost your visibility, no matter where you’re located in Ontario. Your success is our success. Being part of our promotion from Sept 8 ensures maximum visibility and engagement from potential customers.

Sept 8 – 5 PM Soft Promotion Launch Date: we’ll begin teasing audiences about the event and your participation. By registering by Sept 8  you’ll be among the first to capture the attention of our eager audience, creating anticipation for your garlicky offerings.

Sept 18 – 5 PM  Promotion Start Date: Includes online advertisements, social media campaigns, and geo-targeting. To fully benefit from this extensive reach and spotlight, you must be registered no later than Sept 18.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What happens during Ontario Garlic Week? 

A: Farmers, chefs, breweries and others sell garlic or a garlicky food or products from their place of business. Examples include fresh Ontario garlic, garlic food dishes, garlic desserts, or garlic-related crafts. Also, open to libraries, culinary schools, community centres, etc. to give garlic talks and demos, organize plantings, etc. Ontario.  Garlic Week runs from Friday, September 22 to Sunday, October 1, 2023. 

Q: Who can participate in Ontario Garlic Week?
A: Any person or place offering a garlic-themed talk, community activity or cooking demo or, creating a garlic dish or beverage. If you’re selling food, you must be an Ontario-based food establishment or person that complies with all applicable laws pertaining to the preparation and sale of food.

Q: Is it free to participate in Ontario Garlic Week?
A: Yes, it is free. 

Q: We don’t sell food, how can we participate?
A: Museums, libraries, garden centres and other organizations or entities that have a connection to garlic are welcome to participate. For example, to give a talk on the history of garlic, how to grow garlic (and other gardening topics), cooking and health and wellness talks or demos. 

Q: Can we participate online during Ontario Garlic Week, such as to give a cooking demo?
A: Yes, you can. Please contact us to discuss details.

Q: We already use garlic in many dishes, can we participate in Ontario Garlic Week?
A: Yes, as long as the dishes you are featuring for Ontario Garlic Week use garlic that is grown in Ontario.

Q: We don’t have a restaurant. Can we still participate in Ontario Garlic Week?
A: Yes. You can sell food from a food truck, bicycle food truck, kiosk, farmers market stand, or other means, as long as you are legally permitted to do so.

Q: We’re at a farmers’ market. Can we participate in Ontario Garlic Week?
A: Yes, as long as the market is open when Ontario Garlic Week is happening.  In the registration form below tell us the name of the market.

Q: Can we set our own price on the garlic items we sell during Ontario Garlic Week?
A: Yes, you can set your own price.

Q: Can food trucks or carts  participate?

A: Yes, provided they operate legally.

Q: Where do I find locally grown garlic?

A: Find Ontario-grown garlic at a farmers’ market or grocery store near you. For black garlic and black garlic products consider: Edible Earth Farm, Food 4 Life Market Garden, Salt & Mustard or Pure Music Garlic.

Q: Can our menu feature both Ontario and imported garlic?

A: Yes. Clearly indicate which dishes use Ontario garlic.

Q: Can we use dehydrated Ontario garlic?

A: Yes, if it’s from garlic that was grown in Ontario.

Q: How to determine if garlic from the Ontario food terminal is local?

A: Ask your supplier. Some products might be imported.

Q: How can garlic be used in desserts?

A: Whether it’s roasted or fermented, it’s no wonder that garlic and chocolate and other dessert ingredients are a perfect marriage. Many innovative and delicious garlic-themed desserts have been created by Ontario chefs including Brandon Olsen’s truffle consisting of coffee, black garlic and passion fruit; Laura Slack’s Lestat chocolate skull, voted one of “50 Crazy Good Things To Eat and Drink” by Toronto Life; Roots of Health’s Roasted Garlic Almond Brittle; Le Dolci’s Garlic-Infused Macarons; Chef Ron Raymer’s (Smoked & Cracked) Butter Tarts with Chocolate Roasted Black Garlic Praline; Major Craig’s Black Garlic Raspberry Whiskey Jam; Magic Oven’s Garlic Infused Bread Pudding with Fruit and Garlic Compote; and Chef and Chopped Canada Winner Anne Sorrenti’s Black Garlic and Beer Lollipops, or Brownies with Black Garlic; and Just A Cup’s Garlic Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Special ice cream flavours include Dark Chocolate & Golden Roasted Garlic Ice Cream Garlic Popcorn (by chocolatier Tim English), and; Bourbon, Butterscotch & Black Garlic (Le Dolci). Featured coffees include Warm Garlic Infused Spiced Coffee with Maple Cream and Pumpkin Vanilla Dust from the Spice Chef’s Creations. 

Q: Does black garlic work well in beer?
A: Black garlic marries exceptionally well with beer. Cassell Brewery created a Chocolate Porter with black garlic for the Toronto Garlic Festival. Cassell Brewmaster Mario Bourgeois says, “Our Sleeper Car Double Chocolate Porter base is creating a nice balance, providing a garlicky taste without being overwhelming which is well married with the sweetness of this beer.” Cassell’s Black Garlic Chocolate Porter was a hit at the 2015 Toronto Garlic Festival.

Q: How can our farmers’ market join Ontario Garlic Week?

A: Here are a few ideas and suggestions:

  • Garlic Dishes: Food vendors sell garlic-centric dishes. Option to also create a ‘Garlic Passport’ to encourage visitors to sample dishes from multiple vendors, with a reward for those who complete the circuit.
  • Black Garlic & Roasted Garlic Dessert Station: Pastry chefs craft surprising treats like black garlic chocolate truffles, roasted or black garlic butter tarts, roasted garlic and honey ice cream, or black garlic brownies. This challenges conventional dessert norms while providing a unique gastronomic experience, allowing attendees to discover the unexpected sweetness and depth of garlic-infused desserts.
  • Garlic Tasting Booth: A booth offers a variety of garlic types for tasting. With fresh bread from a neighbouring vendor, visitors discern the unique flavors of different garlic varieties. Garlic breath remedies, which can be supplied by other vendors, include parsley, spinach and basil.
  • Garlic-themed Photo Booth: A festive photo booth features garlic-themed props and backdrops. Families and visitors capture fun memories and share their experiences on social media.
  • Garlic Grower’s Guide: Local garlic farmers conduct a Q&A session, sharing invaluable insights on cultivating garlic, from soil selection to harvest techniques.
  • Garlic Health Talk: A local dietician or health expert presents the myriad health benefits of garlic, covering topics from its antioxidant properties to its immune-boosting effects.
  • Black Garlic Workshop: Invite a farmer, chef or health expert to give a talk and demo on how to make black (fermented) garlic.
  • Garlic Braiding Workshops: A seasoned farmer or craftsperson leads a workshop teaching visitors to braid garlic. Participants take home their handcrafted garlic braids.
  • Garlic-infused Cooking Demonstrations: Cooking demonstrations highlight market vendors’ produce with garlic as the main attraction. Visitors learn easy recipes and purchase ingredients directly from vendors.
  • Garlic Breath Contest: Invite a local dentistry office that does tests for halitosis to run the garlic breath contest. Dental offices that offer tests for bad breath use a hallimeter or Oral Chroma, which measure for gases such as Hydrogen Sulphide. H2S is a component of garlic breath. It’s a great promotion opportunity for the local dental office!
  • Story Corner: Garlic Legends and Myths: Local storytellers or theater groups entertain with tales of garlic folklore, myths, and legends.
  • Garlic Art Corner: Local artists and craft vendors showcase their garlic-inspired artwork, from paintings to jewellery and knitted garlic bulbs, demonstrating garlic’s artistic potential.
  • Garlic Music & Dance: Local musicians compose garlic-themed jingles, and a “Garlic Dance-off” allows participants to showcase their dance moves and compete for garlic prizes.

Q: Why prioritize Ontario garlic?

A: Apart from promoting local agriculture, Ontario garlic, being a hardneck variety, offers a rich flavour profile and high sugar content..

Q: What is the cost justification for using pricier Ontario garlic?

A: The enhanced flavors justify the slight cost increase, and customers value local produce support.When you tell customers that you’re using Ontario grown garlic they’ll appreciate it and will pay more.

Q: How can I justify the higher cost of using  Ontario garlic (compared to imported)?

A: The enhanced flavors justify the slight cost increase, and customers value local produce support.When you tell customers that you’re using Ontario grown garlic they’ll appreciate it and will pay more.

Q: Why is there not a Toronto Garlic Festival in 2023?

A: Not for profit Toronto Garlic Festival, started in 2011,  is taking a break this year, planning to return in 2024, bigger, stinkier, and financially sustainable.

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