Friends of Garlic

Past Partners, Sponsors, and Stakeholders of Toronto Garlic Festival

Arlenne Throness – Ryerson Urban Farm – Speaker at 2017 Festival 

Bernardin – Recipes in the Garlic Recipes brochure 

Bloor Street Cinema – Toronto Garlic Festival garlic powder shaker at popcorn concession

Garlic Powder

Ontario garlic powder dispenser created by Toronto Garlic Festival, at Bloor Cinema popcorn concession

Canadian Government – provide valuable economic support 

Capture Scratch Motion Picture – creation of VR Garlic Farm Tour 

Carrot Cache – garlic map grant  

Christine Dixon – advisor, analysis 

City of Toronto Live Green Toronto – repeat vendor and sponsor of the Festival.

City of Toronto – economic support 

Classical 96 Radio – sponsor Music stage 

Costo – conducted VR Farm tour at Festival 2018 & 2019 

Depanneur Restaurant – advocate, garlic dinner and stories by founder Peter McClusky 

Fawad Haqqi – business advisor, advocate 

Fiesta Farms – sponsor garlic scape BBQ at Festival    

Fort York National Historic Site – historic recipes featured in Garlic Recipes Brochure 

Freedom Mobile – conducted VR Farm tour at Festival 

Fresh City Farms – ran “Ugly Vegetable” contest at Festival 

Garlic Growers Association of Ontario – advocate for Toronto Garlic Festival 

Greenbelt Farmers’ Market Network – distributes Garlic Recipes Brochure to 50+ farmers’ markets 2013-2017 

Grey County Economic Development – sponsor and Festival vendor 

Harbourfront – featured TGF sponsored cooking demos at their Hot & Spicy Festival 

Harrison & District Horticultural Society – promote Festival to members 

Jamie Kennedy – advocate, repeat vendor,  Culture Talks speaker at 2018 Festival 

John Arena –  owner of Toronto landmark Winston’s Restaurant, John is an advocate, advisor and supporter of the Festival.

Laura Slack Chocolate Artist – developed black garlic Lestat Truffle exclusive for Festival, later sold in Holt Renfrew and McEwans Fine Foods 

Lohin McKinnon Whisky – provided garlic cocktail recipe and sponsor, 2018 Garlic Recipes brochure 

Markdale & District Horticultural Society – promote Festival to members 

Marriott Hotel Toronto – promotion for out-of-town Festival visitors 

Mike and Mikes Organics – distributes recipes brochure with matching garlic package to 150+ food stores 

Mount Forest Horticultural Society – promote Festival to members 

Now Toronto – sponsor Festival Music Stage 2017 

NY Times – discounted subscription for online ticket buyers 

Ontario Government – including Ministry of Heritage, Sport, Tourism and Culture  – provide valuable economic support 

Ontario Science Centre – officiated the Garlic Breath Contest 2013-2015 

Oral Chroma – donated gas chromatograph for Garlic Breath Contest, 2012-2017

Garlic Festival Bus

“Don’t Stink & Drive” campaign created by Pattison Outdoor for Toronto Garlic Festival 

Pattison Outdoor – produced 2012 “Don’t Stink & Drive” campaign in Toronto Transit Commission 

Remenyi House of Music – in 2017 ran ads on Classical 96.3 FM that celebrated their shared history with garlic and Toronto Garlic Festival 

Rogers – conducted VR Farm tour at Festival.  

Roothams Gourmet Preserves – sponsor and volunteer accountant at Festival  

Royal Ontario Museum – discounted subscription for online ticket buyers 

Sang Kim – advocate, advisor and supporter 

Sony Theatre – provided tickets for Festival contest prizes 

Staples Front Street – staff volunteers at Festival 2016 to 2018, in-store promotion of Festival at 250 Front Street, and discounted printing fees 

Swansea Horticultural Society – promote Festival to members 

Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management – running Festival visitor survey 

Toronto Metropolitan University – students from their School of Nutrition, Faculty of Community Services assisted in research and implementation of the  Festival’s 2022 Waste Reduction Program.

University of Waterloo – student intern program 

Wellington County Economic Development – their chefs, farmers and distillers featured at the Toronto Garlic Festival, and co-sponsor 2017 media day 

Whole Circle Farm – Johann & Maggie Kleinsasser hosted 2017 media day in Wellington county 


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The Toronto Garlic Festival is a very unique yet broadly appealing event known for its promotion of local farmers, chefs, and small-scale food producers. Partnership with the Toronto Garlic Festival provides your brand with a special opportunity to benefit from Toronto Garlic Festival’s extensive marketing and media campaign, including editorial coverage, pre and on-site event marketing, and inclusion in Toronto Garlic Festival ad campaign.


To learn how your organization can participate with Toronto Garlic Festival in interactive promotions and activities, please contact festival founder Peter McClusky.


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