Garlicloves – Minden, Ontario

At 2022 Toronto Garlic Festival offering:

Garlic : Ajo Rojo, Armenian, Chiloe, Chesnok Red, Floha, French Rocambole, Italian Purple, Ivan, Khabar, Killarney Red, Lokalen, Lenningrad, Marino, Music, Northern Quebec, Ontario Giant, OD2, Russian Red, Romanian Red, Sicilian Gold, Xian, Yugoslavian Rocambole.

Bat Houses : The idea behind bat houses and garlic, is to provide an ecological solution to help control leek moth infestations in garlic crops. Our ‘One of a kind’ bat houses are artistically designed using reclaimed wood and antique furniture.

Garlicloves are proud Ontario farmers growing our garlic in the Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton Highlands.We specialize in growing more than 30 varieties of premium garlic. All of our garlic is planted and harvested by hand. This quality control measure ensures only the best garlic is available to our customers.