2013 Festival Archive


AGREENCULTURE – Toronto. Agreenculture Social & Humanitarian Enterprise (ASHE), is a non-profit organization focused on developing culturally appropriate agricultural & regeneration education, employment, resources, and social enterprise opportunities for under served peoples living in communities and neighborhoods across the GTA, branching out into rural Ontario. At the Toronto Garlic Festival Chef Ajani will serve Raw Lentil Salad, Cucumber, Pear, Cranberries. Dressing: Raspberry Vinaigrette;  Garlic herbed Mashed potato with a side of Fresh Sliced Kale, Tomato and Garlic Plantain; Coconut Creamed Chickpeas with Green pepper, Sweet Onion, Thyme, Cumin, Chili flakes, Cauliflower.


Babi & Co – Toronto. Indonesian Street Food. For the Toronto Garlic Festival they’ll feature Babi on a Bun – Braised Pork Belly on a Fried Chinese Bun with Pickled Cucumbers and Sambal Mayo; Perkedel Jagung – corn and shrimp fritters with garlic chili sauce  and Mami’s Sate Babi – marinated pork satays with pickled cucumbers and garlic chili sauce.


By the Spice Chef – Toronto.  The Spice Chef Sanjiz Mathews was born in Kerala, India in the Malabar region. He has worked in the hospitality industry in India, the UK, and Canada. He takes a fresh approach to traditional Indian cooking by blending perfectly measured spices that allow anyone to create time-honoured Indian dishes without the hassle and waste of a long list of spices. Inspired by the fresh, local ingredients at the farmers market, Spice Chef started supporting local farmers by creating one-of-a-kind products for the local community, such as Devilicious Garlic Chutney made with Ontario garlic. For the Toronto Garlic Festival he’ll be selling samosas, samosa chaat, organic chicken kathi roll, and mango lassi.


Cafe Belong and Belong Catering – Toronto. Brad Long  is chef and owner of Café Belong and Belong Catering. He is a co-host of the Food Network smash hit Restaurant Makeover and is currently in post-production of a new provocative food documentary. An active advocate for sustainable farming and ethical treatment of livestock, balancing work and family is vital to Long. When he isn’t creating menus, speaking with farmers or checking the freshness of new produce, he relishes family time with his wife Sheryl and their five children. For the Toronto Garlic Festival he’ll be doing a cooking demo with Sarafino.


ChocoSol  – Toronto. ChocoSol’s artisan stone-ground chocolate is made in Toronto using organic, forest garden, shade-grown cacao, sourced directly from Southern Mexico. Their chocolates are made without dairy, gluten, soy, and nuts, and are also vegan. They specialize in both eating chocolate and drinking chocolate (xocolatl), and offer a number of other sustainably grown ingredients that are sourced directly from farmers (such as coffee, cacao nibs, and agave, among others).  They also offer chocolate and tortilla workshops, educational demonstrations, catering and social gatherings, pedal powered concerts, and participate in a number of events in and around Toronto.   Their menu for the Toronto Garlic Festival includes Corn Tortillas, with garlic-cacao mole sauce, fresh salsa, and (optional) organic cheese. And eating chocolate and cacao.


Eudora’s Fine Foods – Toronto.  Eudora Foods tries to make ethnic food accessible to all by making ready to use sauces, marinades and chutneys.  The sauces are all handmade in Toronto and use local ingredients when in season.  The products also use as many organic ingredients as possible.  They not only strive to get people to cook outside of the box but also to eat healthy, eat local and eat simple, delicious food.  For the Toronto Garlic Festival Eudora will sell Ready to use curry – 6 varieties, Chutneys – 6 varieties, Vegetarian hot sauce – 2 flavours, and their Garlic Grilled Cheese Sandwich.


Fathima’s Kitchen – Toronto.  Fathima’s Kitchen has taken part at farmers’ markets and other similar events showcasing cuisine from South Asia.  She offers a range of rice and vegetarian food. at these events. She has a steady flow of customers who relish her favorite steamed rice and tofu curry masala with dhal and potato curry. Fathima’s Kitchens mission is to offer delectable and nutritious food prepared and offered in a socially responsible manner. At the Toronto Garlic Festival Fathima will serve Steamed Rice with Tofu Masala, Dhal and Potato Curry, Garlic Porridge with Vegetable. Chicken and Vegetable samosa.


Globe bistro & Earth restaurants – Toronto. Executive Chef Dan Sanders’ first job at the Breadalbane Inn in Fergus fortified his decision of wanting to be a chef. He enrolled in the culinary program at George Brown and then worked at a number of top Toronto restaurants: Rain and Zoom with Lorenzo Loseto and Opus with Jason Cox.

It was during his working vacation through Europe when he cemented his “”farm-to-table”” philosophy. Dan took a position at Rathsallagh Country House in Ireland where they tended their own gardens and made daily menus utilizing wild game from the Wicklow Mountains. While in Ireland we also staged at Thorntons, a two star Michelin restaurant.

Returning to Toronto, Dan assumed the role of Sous Chef at Opus and in 2008 he was hired as Chef de Cuisine at Globe Bistro where he helped build out the Globe philosophy of “Think global. Eat local.” with Chef Kevin McKenna. He was instrumental is the building out of the two new earth restaurants and is now the Executive Chef of all three.  Chef Sanders believes in supporting Canadian producers and prides himself on creating menus that will showcase the freshest local ingredients. He is inspired by new ingredients and the changing of the seasons, like waiting for morels and spring asparagus to come up again. He likes taking simple natural food and giving it a twist to make it look alive and fresh.

Dan has always had a love and intrigue for the kitchen. Cooking for him is a means to make people happy and to celebrate the simple things in life. Happiness for him is some good wine, good food and good company. For the Toronto Garlic Festival Chef Sanders will serve Rabbit boudine blanc, braised lentils, garlic thyme milk froth


Gushi Toronto – Toronto. Gushi Toronto is Toronto’s first Japanese yatai-style (food stand) restaurant. Chef Shinji Yamaguchi specializes in kushikatsu (串カツ) a Japanese, deep-fried kebab. Kushi (串) refers to the bamboo skewers used, while katsu means a deep-fried, panko-coated meat cutlet. Kushikatsu can be made with chicken, pork, seafood, or vegetables. For the Toronto Garlic Festival Chef Shinji will be featuring 唐揚げ Karaage : Japanese popular fried Chicken. Chef Shinji says Gushi Fried chicken is very juicy and tasty because they marinate the chicken in their secret mix of soy sauce and sake. At the festival it’s served on a skewer with two types of flavor, original and Nanban(Japanese sweet vinegar sauce). They’ll also serve  つくね Taukune  (Japanese meat ball).


Jamie Kennedy – Toronto. Chef Jamie Kennedy has been instrumental in shaping the culinary landscape in Canada. His innovative approach to gastronomy, commitment to sustainable agriculture and advocacy of local food have been unwavering. Through his leadership in the industry he has inspired chefs and patrons alike to embrace their regional culinary identity.  He sees food as culture and uses his role as Chef to strengthen the vital links within his community. At the Toronto Garlic Festival Jamie will be serving Fries with Garlic Aioli.


Kota Kuisine – Toronto.  Cooking in Malaysia has always been a secretive affair, with chefs carefully guarding their recipes with subtle modifications to make their flavour unique. This is ideal for the local experience, but ineffective for the global presence and acceptance of the food. The goal of Kota Kuisine is to explore Malaysian dishes from a Canadian perspective and elevating the cuisine to the prominence it warrants.  Jonathan Chung is a writer and print professional with a lengthy and extensive love affair with the culinary industry. He has been cooking since the age of six and demonstrates a sense of global sensibility with his approach to Malaysian cuisine. For the Toronto Garlic Festival Jonathan will prepare “Babi Chin,” pork braised in dark soy sauce, flavoured with ontario garlic, salted soy beans, onions, shitake mushroom and a bit of sugar. Says Jonathan, “Its going to be slightly sweet and very rich.” For a condiment he’s preparing a mildly spicy and sour pickle of  cucumber and pineapple, flavored with shrimp paste, chillis, kaffir lime leaf, lime and garlic.  Everything is served with white rice.


La Palette Restaurant – Queen Street, Toronto. Brook Kavanagh’s career began in a classic Italian butchers shop in 1994. He then went on to apprentice under some of Canada’s best chefs before taking on his current role as executive head chef of Queen West’s La Palette (492 Queen West). Known for skillful preparation of Canadian game meats, dedication to locally farmed produce and artful interpretations of French bistro classics, Kavanagh will continue to delight Toronto’s Palette for years to come.  At the Toronto Garlic Festival Brook will give a talk on Beer and Food Pairings.


Liko’s Hawaiian Barbecue – Toronto. Liko’s Hawaiian Barbecue brings local Hawaiian grindz to the GTA.  At the Toronto Garlic Festival they will be grilling Garlic Chicken Skewers, Hawaiian Pork Skewers and Kalua Pork on a Bun.


Magic Oven – Toronto. Magic Oven sources almost everything from within a short distance. Ingredients are free of additives, sweeteners, colouring and preservatives. The pizza crust is made with organic unbleached flour or spelt, the meat is organic, the sauces are created with fresh packed, vine-ripened tomatoes, the cheeses are unprocessed and the mozzarella is organic and comes lactose-free. Established in 1997 by environmentally and socially conscious couple Tony and Abby Sabherwal, everything about Magic Oven speaks to their principles. Their five locations are found in reclaimed buildings. All of their packaging, menus and even the furniture are created from recycled goods. For the Toronto Garlic Festival they are preparing garlic french toast with salted maple creme-fraiche – a sweet/savoury version of a weekend favourite.


Mildred’s Temple Kitchen – Toronto, Ontario. MILDRED’S Temple Kitchen is about ‘the return to the table,’ dedicated to delivering consistently exceptional food, beverages and service. Set in a highly visible open kitchen, MILDRED’S Temple Kitchen offers a comfortable yet stylish Dining Room, the Kitchen Table (an interactive communal dining area), the Kitchen Stools (in the heart of the action) and a welcoming Bar and Lounge area. With its unique design, MILDRED’S Temple Kitchen provides guests with a myriad of culinary experiences. Our mission is to enrich the lives of our guests, employees and stakeholders.  For the Toronto Garlic Festival MILDRED’S will serve Italian Bread Soup, made with smoked chicken and garlic infused broth.


Morgan’s on the Danforth – Toronto.  Chef Anne Sorrenti is often asked where she got her “training” the answer would be many hours learning from the best cooks – her Nonna, Oma, Trini mother in-law and mother. Their ability to grow, can, preserve and prepare what was local and availble to feed their families is what inspires her cooking everyday. The rest of her experience volunteering as Market Chef for The Stop at Wychwood Barns, teaching kids cooking and working in the industry from age 15 just helped to solidify her view to buy seasonal and local when available, preserve if you can and teach kids to care about what they eat. Don’t forget to hug a farmer.  Chef Sorrenti will be demonstrating how to make the Ultimate Garlic Grilled Cheese Sandwich throughout the day at the Toronto Garlic Festival. She’ll also be selling black garlic brownies.


Nishdish Catering – Toronto. Traditional Chef, Johl Ringuette, and the staff of RingFire Productions have been providing delectable Aboriginal cuisine to the Toronto Native community and allies for several years. Raised in Northern Ontario, his knowledge of native food was provided by his father (a hunter), and inspired by the culinary wisdom of his mother. Yearning for the indigenous foods from his childhood such as wild game, freshwater fish, berries, and maple syrup, Johl provides Aboriginal catering to the urban community.  For the Toronto Garlic Festival Johl will be serving  Elk and Buffalo and Vegetable hors d’oeuvres. As well, prepared bottled Three Sister Stew (vegan) and Wild Rice and Pheasant Soup; plus Saskatoon Berry and Strawberry Rhubarb jam preserve.


NomNomNom Corn- Toronto.  After two years at the innovative Market707, Marc Perreault of NomNomNom Crepes will be trying his hand at a Canadian classic: Roasted Corn.  Flavours such as wasabi, curry, Thai red curry, truffle, herbes de provence and Ontario garlic will infuse the roasted corn with a touch of the international flavours prevalent at Market707.


Roots of Health – Toronto. Roots of Health was established in 2007 in Toronto as a nutrition consulting, health and food promotion business, and in 2011 launched a whole food meal delivery service. ROH whole food delivery is dedicated to promoting and purchasing local, sustainable and ethical food and cooking it in nourishing and creative ways. At the Toronto Garlic Festival, they are serving Kale Salad with Creamy Garlic Dressing; ‘To Cure What Ails’, roasted garlic and chicken soup using Ontario organic garlic and homemade high gelatin chicken broth from pasture raised chicken; giving you a soup that not only tastes divine but truly will ‘cure what ails’. For the sweet tooth: Garlic Brittle with Almond and Cashew.


Sarafino – Uxbridge, Ontario.  Sarafino is a small importing and distribution company that deals only in natural and uncompromised artisanal products which are true to their origins. Much of their time is spent meeting and educating their clients about where their products come from and how they are produced, including their internationally renowned Virgin and Extra Virgin Olive Oils and their new Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  For the 2013 Toronto Garlic Festival Sarafino has invited  Brad Long, Executive Chef and owner, Belong Cafe, to run a cooking demonstration using Sarafino olive oil and Ontario garlic.


Smoked & Cracked – Toronto. Founded , owned and operated by Toronto Catering Guru’s Michael Kash and Ron Raymer, the menu at their 516 Mount Pleasant location features Lobster rolls, Smoked Clamerons Chowder, Smoked Magret Duck Breast and Swiss Cheese Panini and more. Whether your event  or office party requires Oyster bars, Lobster boils or clambakes, Smoked & Cracked  will do your smokin’, crackin’, bakin’ and shuckin’. At the Toronto Garlic Festival Smoked & Cracked will feature Smoked Clameron’s Chowder, Smoked Garlic infused BBQ’d Pork Loin on a Bun with Cameron’s 266 BBQ Sauce.


Yakitori Bar – Toronto.  Owner Sang Kim is a restaurateur, playwright, and award-winning fiction writer. He is the owner of the popular Yakitori Bar and Seoul Food Co., and the upcoming Wind Up Bird Cafe (October 2013). He is the LCBO Featured Chef for Fall-Winter 2013-14. He is the author of A Dream Called Laundry and Ballad of a Karaoke Cowboy, as well as the 2013 recipient of the $10K Gloria Vanderbilt Short Story Prize for his story, “When John Lennon Died”, included in The Stories That Are Great Within Us (Exile Editions). His latest writing project, Woody Allen Ate My Kimchi, is a candid and hilarious look behind-the-scenes at some of the top restaurants in Ontario. It is slated to launch in 2014. At the Toronto Garlic Festival Sang will announce the winning recipe in the Tastiest Tomato contest. Tasting samples of the wining recipe, prepared by Sang, will also be available.


Small scale farmers from across the province will be on hand with dozens of types of Ontario grown garlic, including rare and heirloom strains, plus maple syrup, honey and many hard-to-find vegetables and world crops. This is a unique opportunity to ask questions, learn about different types of garlic, and to stock up on your winter supply of Ontario garlic.


Acadian Shamrock Farm, Desboro, Ontario. Tony and Genette continue growing top quality Ontario garlic enhanced by gourmet products such as pickled garlic scrapes, garlic scape mustard, garlic scape wine vinegar, garlic jellies, pickled garlic, and many other products.


Augusts Harvest – Gadshill, Ontario. Augusts Harvest is a founder and proud sponsor of the Stratford Garlic Festival.  They have been growing these old world heirloom garlic varieties for 26 years.  Their garlic is available in the Organic section of the major food chains, Local Organic Food stores, and fine restaurants, seed houses, and online across Ontario, Canada and North America. Come visit thme at the Stratford Garlic Festival or online.  www.augustsharvest.com or www.stratfordgarlicfestival.com.


Brant County Garlic Company – Scotland, Ontario. Bob & Irene Romaniuk have been growing garlic for 36 years.

Cedar Grove Organic Farm –  Omemee, Ontario. Cedar Grove Organic Farm is located in the rolling hills of the Kawartha Lakes region near Peterborough. The first year for garlic production was 2002, and now the farm grows 30 cultivars from Afghanistan, Italy, Armenia, Poland, the Azores, Tibet, California, and Quebec. Hard necks, soft necks, rocamboles, purple stripes,  silverskins…the experiment continues.


Cobblestone Farm Sustainably Grown Gourmet Garlic, Asparagus, Raspberries & Apples – Paris, Ontario. The Cobblestone Farm is a small farm that has been growing Gourmet Garlic and a variety of local produce for the past 5 years. Although we are not certified organic we do follow sustainable practices and grow only non GMO heirloom variety produce.


Fish Lake Garlic Man – Ted Maczka (aka  ”Fishlake Garlic Man”) was born in Poland in 1928. He survived World War II and a crippling injury in a slave labor camp before coming to Canada to work as a tool and die machinist in the 1950′s. In the 1970′s Maczka bought land in Ontario’s Prince Edward County where he worked to develop better varieties of garlic for the region. He’s been sharing garlic advice ever since.


Fresh City Farms – Toronto. Fresh City is Toronto’s farm. Their vision is to be a thought and market leader in empowering all to make conscious food choices. They deliver local, organically grown food right to your door! Learn more at www.freshcityfarms.com. At the Toronto Garlic Festival will be bringing several varieties of fresh, Ontario-grown tomatoes for our team to sample and taste (not for public consumption). Chef Sang Kim will also be preparing a recipe using tomato and garlic at their booth.


Garlic Braiding Workshop. Udora, Ontario. Bryan Mailey lives in Udora, Ontario and has been growing hardneck garlic for over 20 years. His love of growing great garlic eventually led him to learning the art of braiding. He now shares his passion by speaking at garlic festivals and offering hands on workshops where patrons can create their very own braids.


Golden Acres Farm – Gads Hill, Ontario.  The Fleischauer family supports home gardeners and local foodies, through sustaining diversity in horticulture, and making this diversity available to them. They grow over 100 strains of garlic on Golden Acres Farm, an independent, small family farm.  ”Every person has a special rite to touch the earth, and to taste the harvest of quality food.” Golden Acres Farm offers an annual seed garlic catalogue, available by contacting: Julie Fleischauer,  goldenacresfarm@hotmail.com, or 519-656-3152.


Healthy Choice Farm – Brampton, Ontario.  Healthy Choice Farm is an organic farm in Brampton growing a large variety of vegetables including garlic. This year we are growing 36 varieties of garlic from all around the world in order to select the best varieties for upcoming years. Our goal is to produce superior locally grown garlic while maintaining the diversity of the garlic.


Heritage Seed and Produce – Westport, Ontario.  They specialize in the propagation of Russian Red Garlic and rare heirloom vegetable seed without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. All their varieties are isolated to ensure purity and acclimatized to their northern conditions. Their ancestors have left a rich agricultural heritage to be treasured. It is Heritage Seed and Produce’s mission to preserve that heritage through the propagation, collection, and sale of heritage seeds for present and future generations to come.


Ken’s Garlic – Newcastle, Ontario. Ken Towrie started growing garlic with only a few bulbs in 2007. He now farms a full acre in Newcastle, Ontario using organic methods. Ken wants to share his passion for growing garlic and welcomes all garlic enthusiasts to his booth.


Knechtel Family Farm – Breslau, Ontario.  The Knechtel Family Farm has been growing chemical free garlic and vegetables for over 10 years. Mrs. Knechtel’s famous garlicky bruchetta, garlic infused olive oil, salsa and an array of tomatoes are some of the products the Knechtel Family Farm are proud to offer.


Langside farms organically grown garlic, Teeswater, Ontario.  Simon the farmer has grown garlic organically for 12 years . Garlic for fresh table use and storage as well as seed of Music garlic as well as some different varieties. He provides variety for the garlic lovers in Toronto and surrounding areas.


Little Trickle Farm – Cobden, Ontario. Patrick and Heather are new farmers in Renfrew County. They raise pastured chickens and cattle as well as growing garlic. Heather bakes organic bread in a handmade wood fired cob oven, which she sells at the Carp Farmer’s Market. A passion for real, healthy food led the couple to start farming-extending their love to the local community.


LOVE Garlic – Hillsburgh, Ontario.  LOVE Garlic is grown in the fertile, well-drained soils of the Orangeville Moraine. Bart and Lisa Brusse use all natural growing techniques. LOVE Garlic is hand-planted, hand-harvested and air-dried for optimal taste, quality and storage. You are invited to explore the unique taste experience of LOVE Garlic – offering seed garlic, table garlic, garlic braids and specialty garlic products. Bart is also the Container Farm Manager at Sheridan Nurseries.


Reicza’s Rocamboles – Gadshill, Ontario. This is the third year that Reicza has grown her own garlic. The seed was purchased from her dad with money  saved working on the farm. Last fall she split the bulbs into cloves by hand, and hired her friends to help plant 1/3 of an acre. In the spring it was fertilized with organic fish emulsion, crab shell, and molasses. They scuffled in between the rows to kill weeds with the tractor and weeded by hand between the plants. In June her friends helped to remove the scapes and sold them to the Korean community for Kim Chi. In July they undercut the garlic and pull it into piles, then clip and trim the roots and stems off the garlic. Then they put the garlic bulbs in crates with fans to cure. After they are cured they are  graded  for size and quality.  Reicza’s message:  ”I have garlic and no money- you have money and no garlic so let’s talk.”


Samsara Fields Certified Organic Heirloom Farmers Specializing in 30 Kinds of Heirloom Garlic – Waterford, Ontario.  Samsara Fields is a dedicated local organic farm specializing in various kinds of heirloom vegetables. They specialize in more than 30 kinds of certified organic heirloom garlic with many garlic themed cooking recipes from the farmer, So Young.  Their canned produce will also be featured at the festival.


Stone Soup Farms – Toronto, Ontario. Ross Breen has been growing garlic for many years.


Sweet As Garlic – Maple, Ontario. Donna and her team have recently begun growing their own organic garlic. They are not farmers, just simple people with a passion. Donna involved her children in this activity to instill values and pride in Ontario’s agriculture. The years have proven to be successful ones because they have grown some gorgeous bulbs of purple striped garlic. Even the neighbourhood children are volunteering their help. It is impressive to see city kids show such passion in growing the crop from start to finish. This year they are looking to share their passion for the crop by introducing their product to others.


Toronto Master Gardeners – Toronto, Ontario. The Toronto Master Gardeners are trained volunteers committed to providing the public with horticultural information, education and inspiration. The group’s whole purpose is to help Toronto residents use safe, effective, proven and sustainable horticultural practices to create gardens, landscapes and communities that are both vibrant and healthy.  Their volunteers will be at the Toronto Garlic Festival to answer questions.


Two Buds, Barrie, Ontario. Dave Tuck has been growing garlic for over 40 years in the Elmvale area. He and his wife Cherin have been instrumental in introducing new garlic products such as pickled scapes, herbal vinegars and ‘black’ garlic. Dave is quick to share his recipes and any other advice you might be interested in!

Specialty Vendors

Add Love & Stir –  Toronto. Their popular dry mix, Roasted Duos,  when combined with a base of either sour cream, soft cheese, or yogurt, creates a wonderful dip mix that transforms the ordinary into the extra ordinary!


Aamoo Honey – Toronto, Ontario. Brian Hamlin is a natural treatment free beekeeper.  He keeps small apiaries in four Toronto locations, plus Georgina Island First Nations and organic farms in the Peterborough area. His beekeeping is used as an educational tool to promote awareness of local food sustainability and the importance of pollination for environmental health. He is active in the Urban Toronto Beekeepers Association and the mentor of the University of Toronto students bee club. For the Toronto Garlic Festival Brian will sell unpasteurized Toronto, Peterborough area and Georgina Island First Nation honey’s, as well as a variety of his honey infusions with organic spices, herbs, hazelnuts and cranberries.


Alchemy Pickle Company – Toronto. Alchemy Pickle Company makes delicious, nutrient dense, raw cultured vegetables and naturally carbonated sodas, building direct relationships with sustainable farmers in Southern Ontario, and providing education around healthy whole foods. Regional and Seasonal!  Fermented pickles, condiments, and beverages that are hand crafted and produced locally have additional benefits besides assisting digestion and contributing to a healthy internal flora; they also support local farmers and contain higher nutrients because the produce is processed fresh from the fields. Rebekka Hutton is the pickle maker and owner of Alchemy Pickle Company. Her experience as a cook, program facilitator, fundraiser, tour guide and urban farmer brings unsurpassed skill and passion for sharing knowledge and delicious food to help grow the good food movement in Canada.


Arvinda’s Indian Spice Blends – Toronto. Arvinda’s is a maker of natural, premium and authentic spice blends (masalas) for Indian cooking, finely roasted, ground and blend locally in Canada. Arvinda’s masalas contain premium quality, non-irradiated spices and are blended with fresh Ontario organic garlic. Named after cooking instructor, Arvinda Chauhan, she created these blends for her time-pressed students who wanted to create authentic, healthy and easy curries from scratch, using fresh ingredients and spices. Available in 7 incredible varieties and beautifully packaged in tins to retain freshness. Gluten, nut and preservative-free, and contains no oils. Arvinda’s ~ exceptional spice blends for exceptional curries! At the Toronto Garlic Festival they will be selling Arvinda’s Curry Masala, Curry Powder, Garam Masala, Madras Masala, Tandoori Masala, Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken Masala, Curry Leaves, Whole Spices, Kafir Lime Leaves, and Arvinda’s “Home Indian Cooking” cookbook.


Canadian Black Garlic – Ottawa. Getting ready to take the culinary world by storm, Major Craig’s Canadian Black Garlic is an absolute Must Buy at the Toronto Garlic Festival. Owner Andrew Craig says using Ontario grown garlic makes a huge difference in quality. It’s not like the imported black garlic from China, Canadian Black Garlic is soft as butter and bursting with Flavour!


Garlic Pantry – Carleton, Ontario. The Garlic Pantry is a family owned and operated business operating for over 20 years on a 250 acre farm near Carleton Place, ON. They plant in excess of 15,000 garlic and 10 different varieties annually. They produce jellies, pickles, spreads and pesto using their own organic garlic, using their own wild apples for the Apple Garlic Jelly, and their own organic basil for the 3 varieties of pesto and the Basil Parmesan Spread. Over the past of couple of years, they have ventured into the production of smoked garlic and black garlic. They also sell seed garlic.


Greg’s Ice Cream – Toronto, Ontario. Greg’s was the first to make premium, all-natural ice cream in Toronto.  They use local ingredients and from the beginning they found there was an appetite for traditional flavours,  like vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry to offbeat recipes like grape nut and coffee toffee.  The third annual Toronto Garlic Festival will be serving Greg’s Roast Garlic and Chocolate ice cream.


Harvey’s Honeys – Port Colborne, Ontario. Harvey’s Honeys brings varietal and flavoured honeys to markets in Niagara and and to garlic festivals across Ontario.


Laura Slack Chocolate Artist – Handmade Luxury Chocolates – Toronto. Laura Slack is a Toronto based artisan chocolatier and pastry chef. An avid baker since childhood, Laura honed her passion through a combination of formal education and practical work experience. Laura’s full collection of fresh truffles is now available at her Truffle Boutique at McEwan Foods, located in the Shops at Don Mills as well as Holt Renfrew’s Gourmet on Bloor Street. Her Lion’s Paw liquid salted caramel truffle is also available on the dessert menu at Nota Bene Restaurant. By combining aesthetics with premium, all natural ingredients Laura’s goal is to create edible art from the world’s finest chocolate. At the Toronto Garlic Festival Laura will be featuring Caramelized Chocolate Covered Almonds and a selection of handmade fresh truffles including Dulce Skulls, Lion’s Paw Liquid Salted Caramel and Fresh Chocolate Truffles in various flavours,  as well as their very popular Drink of the Gods Drinking Chocolate. They will also be bringing their new Black Garlic Chocolate Skull Truffle created especially for the Toronto Garlic Festival.


LIMONANA – Toronto. Their mission is to have as many people as possible taste the wonders of Limonana, their own mint and lemon natural blend. At the Toronto Garlic Festival LIMONANA will sell 473 ml bottles of LIMONANA.  A LIMONANA recycle bin will be on hand for used bottles.


The Chocolateria – Toronto. Special for the Toronto Garlic Festival, Roncessvalles chocolatier Tim English is creating Roast Garlic Buttered Popcorn Ice Cream.


Pyramid Farm & Ferments Handcrafted Local & Cultured Foods – Picton, Ontario. Pyramid Farm & Ferments makes many different and delicious types of naturally fermented Sauerkrauts, Kimchi, Kombucha and other seasonally inspired cultured foods. Using traditional and conjured recipes from all over the world, they ferment with their own ecologically grown produce. They also source high quality, locally grown and wild harvested ingredients to create healthy and flavourful fermented foods.  At the Toronto Garlic Festival they’ll feature Sauerkraut-10 flavours, Kimchi – 3 flavours  and Kombucha in 4 flavours.  Also Pesto – 3 flavours, Garlic Dips or spreads – 5 flavours, and Fresh Garlic and heirloom Tomatoes.


Temple’s Sugarbush – Balderson, Ontario. Andrew Mackey has been making maple syrup for 25 years on the family farm which has approximately 6000 taps. They sell every thing from maple syrup to Maple Balsamic Vinaigrette which is made with the garlic they grow as well. Located in eastern Ontario Temple’s Sugarbush is also known for their 200 seat timberframe restaurant that is open during March and April for the sugarmaking season. Andrew takes great pride in making this sweet “liquid gold” which is sold throughout Ontario at different locations.  Andrew’s mission is to provide the very best quality maple products in his sugarcamp where his wife makes all of the maple butter, maple candy and maple granulated sugar.


Garlic as an Aphrodisiac – David Sugarman


How to Grow Great Garlic – Bart Brusse


History of Garlic – Professor Robert Litke


Is Garlic Good for your Pet? 


Beer and Garlic Dish Pairings – Chef Brook Kavanagh


Special Appearance – Ted Maczka (The Fish Lake Garlic Man)


Cooking Demos

Carnaroli Risotto with Fermented (black) Garlic and Extra Virgin Olive Oil – Chef Brad Long


The Ultimate Garlic Grilled Cheese Sandwich – Chef Anne Sorrenti


Tastiest Tomatoe Contest – samples of winning recipe prepared by chef Sang Kim


Garlic Breath Contest – officiated by the Ontario Science Centre

Speaker/Presenter Bios

Bart Brusse.  As a boy Bart could never stay still (it wasn’t a psychiatric disorder back then) and had to have his hands in the dirt. This developed into a long career growing plants.  After graduating from the University of Guelph he worked at several nurseries across Canada before finding his place at Canada’s largest combined nursery and garden center – Sheridan Nurseries.  For the past 12 years he has led a team that grow over 1 million trees, shrubs and evergreens at the farm in Georgetown, ON.  At home a neighboring farmer gave Bart some garlic to try growing in 2005 and he was hooked.  Giving away fresh garlic in the fall to family and friends turned into an annual tradition and now for fun Bart and his family grow 1/2 of an acre near Hillsburgh, Ontario.

Brook Kavanagh.  Brook’s career began in a classic Italian butchers shop in 1994. He then went on to apprentice under some of Canada’s best chefs before taking on his current role as executive head chef of Queen West’s La Palette (492 Queen West). Known for skillful preparation of Canadian game meats, dedication to locally farmed produce and artful interpretations of French bistro classics, Kavanagh will continue to delight Toronto’s Palette for years to come.

Brad Long.  Chef Brad Long of Cafe Belong is recognized as one of the top chefs in Canada. His talents are highly acclaimed by some of the country’s toughest food critics – VQA Restaurant Awards of Excellence and Globe and Mail Top 10 restaurants of the year. Brad is chef and owner of Café Belong and Belong Catering. He is a Co-host of the Food Network smash hit Restaurant Makeover and is currently in post-production of a new provocative food documentary. An active advocate for sustainable farming and ethical treatment of livestock, balancing work and family is vital to Long.

Anne Sorrenti.  Chef Sorrenti is often asked where she got her “training” the answer would be many hours learning from the best cooks – her Nonna, Oma, Trini mother in-law and mother. Their ability to grow, can, preserve and prepare what was local and availble to feed their families is what inspires her cooking everyday. The rest of her experience volunteering as Market Chef for The Stop at Wychwood Barns, teaching kids cooking and working in the industry from age 15 just helped to solidify her view to buy seasonal and local when available, preserve if you can and teach kids to care about what they eat

David Sugarman.  Mr. Sugarman has been providing scientific expertise to the Ontario Science Centre for over 30 years. With an honors degree in biology and a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Toronto, Mr. Sugarman offers a great depth of knowledge in human biology and medical science. He is frequently interviewed by the media providing answers to general scientific queries and curiosities —from “why do sandwiches get soggy?” to “how to combat fruit flies” to “is there life on Mars?

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