2014 Garlic Breath Contest Winner

Congratulations to the 2014 Garlic Breath contest winner, Ian A.!

The contest was adjudicated by the Ontario Science Centre using a gas chromatograph generously provided by Oral Chroma. The contestants had their breath measured in the parts-per-billion of three crucial garlic elements — Hydrogen Sulphide, Methanethiol, and Dimethyl Sulphide. The winner with the highest reading (that is, with the strongest garlic breath) was chosen.

The 2014 Garlic Breath Contest winner is Ian A., with a Hydrogen Sulphide reading of 237ppb!!!

Contest Prize: A $100.00 dollar gift certificate for a lobster boil at Smoked & Cracked Restaurant. Plus, a 5Lb bag of Ontario garlic.

The Ontario Science Centre visited the CP24 Breakfast Show and demonstrated how to use the Oral Chroma. Click and watch host Jill Colton have her garlic breath tested on air after trying garlic ice cream for the first time!