Arlene Throness

Speakers’ Corner: “Good Garlic Grows in Ontario” – Arlene Throness (10:00 to10:25 am)

Arlene Throness is the Urban Agriculture Coordinator at Ryerson University where she manages Ryerson’s quarter acre rooftop farm. Arlene’s passion for growing, sharing and enjoying food has led her to work on farms and in kitchens across Canada. She studied Food Security at Ryerson’s Chang School, earned a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Human Geography at Concordia University and is a graduate of Linnaea Farm’s Ecological Garden Design Pogram on Cortes Island, BC. Prior to Ryerson, Arlene was the coordinator of Concordia University’s Rooftop Greenhouse and a founder of its City Farm School. As an avid enthusiast of urban permaculture, Arlene is always looking to share and trade ideas with the community about how to incorporate local resources into the food cycle. Arlene is a recipient of the 2015 Aster Awards given to individuals who embody the Toronto Botanical Garden’s mission to transform our city by connecting people to plants and the natural world.

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