Bells Edge Farm

Bell’s Edge Farm – Harriston, Ontario


At the 2017 Toronto garlic Festival Bell’s Edge Farm is offering (1) Butter with Gourmet Garlic [butter from Alliston Creamery, garlic from Bell’s Edge Farm]. (2) Butter with Garlic & Herbs [butter from Alliston Creamery, garlic from Bell’s Edge Farm, dried herbs from Rodelle] (3) Butter with Maple Syrup [butter from Alliston Creamery, maple syrup from Love’s Sweetness, Holstein], (4) Garlic Scape & Almond Pesto [garlic scapes from Bell’s Edge Farm, cheese from Mildmay Cheese Haus, all other ingredients from Food Distributor], (5) Butter with Honey & Cinnamon [butter from Alliston Creamery, honey from Cedarwood Honey, Harriston, cinnamon from food distributor], (6) Butter with Raspberry Jam [butter from Alliston Creamery, raspberry preserves from In-A-Jam, Melbourne, ONT], (7) Butter with Strawberry Jam [butter from Alliston Creamery, strawberry preserves from In-A-Jam, Melbourne, Ontario]. Also for sale: Varieties of garlic used in products: (blended together) Music, Chesnoke Red, Deerfield, Asian Tempest and Brown Rose.

Bell’s Edge Farm   in collaboration with the proudly family owned and operated Alliston Creamery, offers an all-natural, high quality lineup of specialty butters. Highlighted by their signature Butter with Gourmet Garlic and Butter with Garlic & Herbs, they also have sweet varieties such as Butter with Maple Syrup and Butter with Honey & Cinnamon. All their ingredients are either grown on their farm or sourced from local, Ontario producers. Their products are 100% made and sourced in Ontario and are made with 100% butter; no artificial ingredients, flavours, preservatives, soy, canola or margarine of any kind!


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