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At Black to Eden, we are here to bring the most natural and safe products as close to nature as they appear . We’ve searched out developed, packaged only 100% organic products for your personal enjoyment. As we are ONE with nature, originally and as we all came from the ONE SOURCE, daily use of Black to Eden products will give you that organic feeling of naturalness, returning you to a time when we all were in our most natural state. Pureness, organic, cruelty free: these are the qualities we believe are essential for your personal care and health products leading to humane and productive lives in our society.

Manufacturer of Natural Shea Butter100% Natural

We at Black To Eden are not just into making money from you, this our business of natural and safe skin care comes  from our lifestyle. You see, we are the business, the business is us, we’re one and the same, we don’t punch out and go home after a days work because it’s our life. We’re always here for you; from the time our dear sweet wise mother told us  that “when you’re sick you’re old and when you’re healthy you’re young” we’ve been inspired to stay young forever and to share this with you hence one of our products called “ForEverYoung”. We’ve been influenced by our big sisters who we saw doing the skin care thing all our lives so that is what we grow to know and what we share with you today; Thank God for Women(sisters) in our lives Amen! What good we love for ourselves we also love for you. We’re not in competition with anybody we’ve been around for ever and only here to do the work the Good Lord allow us to do and that is to give the best God’s creation provides in it’s most natural and safe form. We’re the co-creators not the imitators and our rule,  from the beginning is: “If You Can’t Eat It Don’t Wear It”