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bee.hamlin honey – Peterborough, Ontario

At the Toronto Garlic Festival bee.hamlin honey sells his own urban and rural raw honey, herb and spice infused honey. Plus, beeswax candles and art of mine and other local beekeepers beeswax.

Beekeeper Brian Hamlin has been involved with helping to create awareness of the important contributions pollinators make to the environment. His apiary locations are both urban and rural (eg.Toronto Island, Lesley Spit, Laveanne Lavender Fields, Lang Pioneer Village). He also creates a variety of honey’s infused with things like lavender, ginger, garlic, cedar and birch to name a few. Brian also is a beeswax artist, making unique candles and small sculptural pieces. He will be doing a presentation at the Garlic Festival “Bee-ing Connected”.