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Cassel Brewery

Hand-built on a dream, fuelled by passion and driven by the pursuit of excellence, Cassel Brewery is the long standing vision of Mario Bourgeois along with long time friends and co-owners Benjamin Bercier and Michel Racine. The craft brewing train started running as most do, with home brewing from scratch using Mario’s own unique recipes and his homemade brewing system.
Fuelled by their love for brewing high quality beers, Cassel Brewery sources only the best ingredients. With an unrelenting spirit they create what are undoubtably some truly unique and tasty beers.
“We’re so proud of what we’ve built, our train is on the right track and we don’t plan on slowing down…Cassel Brewery…Hop on!” At the 2015 Toronto Garlic Festival Cassel created the very popular Black Garlic Chocolate Porter, specially for the festival.