The Cutting Veg

The Cutting Veg – Jackson’s Point, Ontario

At the Toronto Garlic Festival, The Cutting Veg is selling varieties of Garlic. These include: Rocambole Varieties – Italian, Former Yugoslavian, Ukrainian, Israeli, Korean, Salt Spring Island; Purple Stripe Varieties – Persian, Siberian; Porcelain Varieties – Russian, Polish, Northern Quebec, Romanian; Artichoke Variety – Sicilian; Turban Variety – Chinese; Creole Variety – Rose de Lautrec

At The Cutting Veg, we aim to cultivate personal, social, environmental, and economic health through organic agriculture. The Global Garlic Project was initiated in 2005 in an attempt to increase access to local, organic garlic, while promoting seed diversity, enriching the taste of our food, promoting health & wellness, and because it’s so fun to cook with so many different types of garlic! We grow 40,000-52,000 bulbs annually and currently have 23 varieties in cultivation.