We seek out the freshest ingredients available, including the finest rice and tea. Japanese cuisine is divided into two streams – Washoku and Seiyo-Ryori. Washoku is the traditional method of cooking that includes tempura, teriyaki, kaiseki, sushi, udon, oden, sukiyaki and much more. Seiyo-Ryori is the combination of European (Mainly French) sauces and influence on Japanese method, technique and standards, evolving constantly into new dishes with the same or different ingredients. Not to be confused with Fusion, which we call confusion, the EDO approach is a careful consideration and combination of the two Japanese streams of training in an ever-evolving unique style.

Our Chefs have been trained in Seiyo-Ryori or Washoku to bring this unique combination to our dining room tables.

At the 2018 Toronto Garlic Festival, we will be serving sushi burritos with garlic infused ingredients, sushi taco with garlic topping, and kobe beef sausage with garlic topping.

We sincerely hope that your experiences at EDO give you a glimpse into the pride, obligation and cultural influences of Japan that are the essence of every dish we serve.

Dōzo o-meshi-agari-kudasai!

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