David Sugarman

Garlic is as Good as Gold: Currency, Flu Fighter, Taste Maker – David Sugarman, Ontario Science Centre

Mr. Sugarman has been providing scientific expertise to the Ontario Science Centre for over 30 years. With an honors degree in biology and a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Toronto, Mr. Sugarman offers a great depth of knowledge in human biology and medical science. He is frequently interviewed by the media providing answers to general scientific queries and curiosities —from “why do sandwiches get soggy?” to “how to combat fruit flies” to “is there life on Mars?” Mr Sugarman returns to the Toronto Garlic Festival with another fascinating discussion on the history and science of garlic, including the use of garlic as currency on the silk road, flu fighting remedies and , how eating garlic while pregnant may result in a baby with an affinity for garlic. This talk takes place 3pm – 3:25pm on Sunday, September 21, 2014 at the Toronto Garlic Festival’s Speakers Corner. FREE with admission to festival.

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