Hornby Garlic – Milton, Ontario

We grow all of our own garlic-bogatyr, bousfield, brusse, carpathian, chesnok red, Czech, choparsky, duganski, french racombole, georgian fire, inchelium red, Italian purple, japanese, korean purple, legacy, marino, mennonite, montanaroja, music,metechi, Northen. Quebec, Quebec, persian star, russian red, temptress ,ukranian hot, zajac, purple haze, killarney red, xian, leningrad, kiev, moravia, greatnorthern, millar, musical, chiloe, portugal, romanianred, susandelafield, wettigren, kettlerivergiant, transylvania, sicilian, siberian, kostickrussiangiant, cubanpurple (CREOLE) ,Indian. We also make our own dehydrated garlic slices and roasted garlic granules.

Murray & Carole Balfour have been growing garlic for the last eight years. We are a small family business that started out with 10,000 garlic bulbs in our first year and now have grown to 50,000 bulbs this year. We can offer 40 different varieties of garlic for sale this year. In addition to our naturally grown garlic we also sell roasted granulated garlic, dehydrated garlic slices, black garlic and garlic spread.

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