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The Kitchen at Elora Brewing Co – Wellington County, Ontario

Chef Ben Sachse at Elora Brewing Co is serving Garlic Marinated Smoked Chicken Skewers  served with Garlic-Scape Aioli; Garlic Chips;  and Home-Made Pickled Late Summer Vegetables.  We’ll also be selling Grilled Corn with Garlic Salt w/ Roasted Garlic Oil. Look for Chef Ben at the Taste Real – Guelph Wellington County booth at Toronto Garlic Festival.

The Kitchen at Elora Brewing Company is dedicated to fostering relationships with local farmers and committed food distributors throughout the region. The spent grain from our brewing process feeds the pigs that we use from Blackview Farm! The ingredients we use at the brewery have been carefully chosen from local farmers and producers who we see nearly every week. With playful beer pairings, on-site butchery, and charcuterie, our dedication to local farms and preserving the season make this a truly meaningful food and beer experience!