Langside Farms pic

Langside Farms Organic Garlic – Teeswater, Ontario

At the Toronto Garlic Festival, Langside Farms Organic Garlic is selling the garlic bulbs grown on their farm. There will be fresh garlic, cured garlic for storage, braids, and seed garlic of various varieties.

Having grown Garlic organically now for 20 years, my aim is to provide fresh, well-cured, disease-free, and nutritionally outstanding garlic for my customers. At Langside Farms Organic Garlic, I maintain a number of varieties, fresh and seed stock for the discriminating consumer. I have been a vendor at the TGF since its inception and look forward to meeting those who have purchased in the past and enjoyed farm-fresh, well-cured garlic, as well as meeting new garlic-loving people. You will not be disappointed with what I grow and sell .