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At the Toronto Garlic Festival, LLC Designs is selling aprons, scarves, necklaces (all handcrafted.) Fabricland, Michaels, Arton.

LLC Designs prides itself in crafting eco-friendly, one of a-kind, affordable textile jewelry, scarves, dolls and other products. Our products are made from sustainable materials such as cotton, batik, suede, leather, silk, wool and hemp. I want you to know that I absolutely love working with textiles. I grew up in a house where most items were handcrafted. Textiles provide a natural and versatile canvas on which one can make a modern statement.  In crafting my products, I use methods and materials that have a low impact and are less harmful to the environment. We are also talking sustainability! In addition, while wearing my products you live with passion, compassion, humour and style!
Because we serve those with skin sensitivity; no base metal nor plastic is used.
I get much pleasure from creating beautiful, useful and relevant things and I love sharing them for you to keep and enjoy.