At the Toronto Garlic Festival, Malty and Hoppy Delicacy is bringing a black garlic infused dark beer jelly (made with Imperial Russian Stout from Wellington), decadent French dark chocolate brownies infused with black garlic and stout, and a gougere infused with fresh garlic – a French puffy and cheesy cake. Gougères are a kind of delicate cheese puff that are a specialty from Burgundy. Their pâte à choux dough is the same one used for éclairs or profiteroles but become gougères when mixed with a generous amount of grated Gruyère or Comté cheese.  This is the finger food eaten when tasting wine in Burgundy.

Francoise Briet, Chef, Consulate General of France in Toronto; Owner and Head Cook of Malty and Hoppy Delicacy, focuses on using Ontario craft beer as well as brewing ingredients and by-products, to bring new flavors and exciting small-batch artisan jellies, jams and other delicacies to your table. Malty & Hoppy Delicacy love the idea of capturing and cherishing the diversity and complexity of craft beer flavours in their creations. When pairing their products with local craft beer, artisan cheese, cured meat and smoked fish as well as seasonal fruits and vegetables, your taste buds will undergo an unforgettable journey!  All their products are vegan, low in sugar and eco-socially made; they focus on using good quality ingredients to bring flavors in your plate.