The Oakwood Hardware Food & Drink

The Oakwood Hardware's Chef Anne Sorrenti sources local, seasonal ingredients like Ontario garlic.

Specially created for the 2019 Toronto Garlic Festival, Chef Anne Sorrenti is serving her gluten-free Garlic cLove Bomb: a roasted garlic clove and mozzarella wrapped arancini rice ball; Grilled Ribs in Garlicky Sauce, and her  G-Dot Doughnut:  dark chocolate, red wine and black garlic ganache coating on a pillowy yeast doughnut filled with roasted garlic vanilla custard.

When Chopped Canada winner Anne Sorrenti is asked where she got her “training”, it started with the many hours learning from the best cooks—her Trini mother and mother-in-law. Their ability to grow, can, preserve and prepare what was local and available to feed their families is what inspires her cooking today. Her experience volunteering as Market Chef for The Stop at Wychwood Barns, and working in the industry from age 15  helped to solidify her view to buy seasonal and local when available, preserve if you can, and teach kids to care about what they eat.  Sorrenti recently left her position as Executive Chef at Morgans on the Danforth to start her own restaurant, The Oakwood Hardware Food & Drink, in Oakwood Village.