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Prairie Boy Bread

Prairie Boy  Bread will be at the Toronto Garlic Festival with their Organic Sourdough Bread made with local, fresh milled flour (K2 Milling) all made from scratch, shaped by hand. Plus vegan bread made only with flour, water and  salt.  And Special Garlic Bread/ Potato Roasted Garlic Bread and Grilled Cheese Sandwiches.

Prairie Boy Bread is the latest venture of Grant MacPherson. Since 2010, Grant has been committed to growing high quality, organic vegetables and now he is taking that same ethos and making some of the best bread available in Toronto.  More than that, Grant continues to grow and contribute to a community of people dedicated to the art of eating well.

Prairie Boy Bread uses only organic flour and grains, sea salt, water and a natural sourdough culture. The sourdough culture is a symbiotic culture of wild yeast and Lactobacillus bacteria. It makes the bread rise, adds that delicious distinctive flavor and improves digestibility. We mix our bread with high levels of water and let it rest for 18 hours. This allows the bacteria time to break down the gluten and bring out the best flavours possible.

“Eating is an agricultural act, and choosing good quality food, produced respecting the environment and local traditions, can protect biodiversity and a fair and sustainable agriculture. We can be the instruments of change.” -Slow Food

Prairie Boy Bread aims to reconnect people with agriculture, food, quality, cooking, gathering, sharing, pleasure, and knowledge.