My name is Solomon. I was born in Trinidad and the pan is my passion. I love to hear it’s magical tones and interpret both classic caribbean songs and modern music. I am a drummer with a renewed interest in the tenor pan. I enjoy experimenting with all types of music, including rap, hip hop and R&B. I will continue to create more “pan magic” using fresh, urban-inspired beats. Check out my blog and visit often. I would love to hear your thoughts.


Choose Activity or Speaker

Garlic Braiding Workshop with Farmer Al Cowan (11AM & 1PM)
Music Stage: Contemporary Ghanaian – Kobena Aquaa-Harrison (11:00-11:45AM)
Music Stage: Film Score - Donald Quan & Bob Cohen (3:00-3:45PM)
Music Stage: Irish Traditional - Clan Hannigan (12:00-12:45PM)
Music Stage: Latin Easy Listening DJ - Flavia Abadia (4:00-5:00PM)
Music Stage: Modern Indian Classical – Ed Hanley & Justin Gray (10:00-10:45AM)
Music Stage: Solo Steel Pan - Solomon Joseph (2:00-2:45PM)
Music Stage: World Percussion & Turkish Singing - Demetrios Petsalakis & Brenna MacCrimmon (1:00-1:45PM)
Speaker's Corner: Why The Heck Would Anyone Put Garlic In Dessert? Chemical Engineer/Chef Kaya Ogruce (12-12:25PM)
Speakers' Corner: A HerStory of Garlic - Chef Anne Sorrenti (1:00-1:25)