Samsara Fields Organics JP Gural

Samsara Fields Organics – Waterford, Ontario

At 2022 Toronto Garlic Festival offering:Mixed vegetables (tomtatoes, peppers, eggplant, lettuce, radishes, beets, watermelons, squashes); garlic (Elephant, ted 42, Rose de LAutrec, Ontario Red, Ukrainian, Duganski, Legacy, Yugoslavia, Brown Rose, Red Russian, Norquay, French Artichoke, Northern Quebec, Portuguese, Spanish Roja); canned garlic scapes, seasonal preserves, BLACK GARLIC; honey fermented garlic, soy fermented garlic, fermented scapes, FREEZE DRIED fruits, chips, torillas

Samsara Fields grew out of a family’s commitment to preserve a farm coupled with global inspiration through witnessing food shortages, environmental degredation, conflict, poverty and other crises facing the planet. Organic vegetable production became a path of healing and love, offering heirloom fresh food throughout the growing seasons. Beyond produce, the farm also produces fermented, canned and freeze dried products as well as collaborations with other creators, such as Maizal Tortilleria.