Megan Stasiewich

Culture Talks in the Speakers’ Corner: Garlic Cake Carving Demo with Megan Stasiewich (1:00-1:45)

Garlic-Shaped (and garlic-flavoured!) Cake Carving Demo. The Great Canadian Baking Show finalist and third generation cake carver Megan Stasiewich will show her extraordinary and artistic skills and carve a garlic shaped cake which the audience will devour at the end of the demonstration.

Megan Stasiewich is a 32 year old mom of three young boys living on an 80 acre farm with two dogs. She takes pride in living off the land, I milling her own flour and oats and pickling her own garlic. She’s a self taught 3d cake carver and never  replicates a cake that has already been done.

She takes pride in making everything from scratch and making items you wouldn’t believe are edible. A hairstylist by trade, she always  but, “dabbled with baking when I grew up with my grammie and mom.” She has been baking for 5 years with increasing focus and energy  – she recently competed on the Great Canadian Baking Show season two and made it to the finals.

At the Toronto Garlic Festival, in addition to the cake carving demo, Megan Stasiewich is selling mini cupcakes (including garlic apple spice cupcakes), and cake pops all containing garlic. She also has premixed organic cake mixes, ready for you to add your choice of garlic and other perishable ingredients.