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Speakers’ Corner: “Hot Sauce Tasting” – Chef Brodie Dawson (1:00 to 1:25pm)

Founder of Dawson’s, Brodie started the company in mid 2013. He started cooking hot sauce as a hobby and a way to share great sauces with friends and family. This raised a lot of positive attention in his circle and eventually he was inspired by a colleague to open his own business. Less than a year later, Dawson’s was launched and he hasn’t looked back since!

At the 2016 Toronto Garlic Festival Brodie and his business partner (and father!) Bruce will talk about how they come up with their delicious hot sauce recipes, their passion for peppers and the award winning Garlic Jalepeno. Also, tips on what to use hot sauce with and a tasting of all 5 flavours!


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