Cherin Harris Tuck Garlic Bud

Two Buds – Elmvale, Ontario

At the Toronto Garlic Festival, Two Buds is selling loose garlic, decorated garlic braids, garlic powders, pickled garlic scapes, fermented garlic, smoked garlic and smoked pepperettes.

Dave and Cherin Tuck have been in the garlic business for over 40 years. They sell fresh organically composted garlic and unique garlic products. Some of their products include fresh loose garlic, decorated garlic braids, freshly dehydrated garlic powders, pickled scapes, smoked garlic and fermented garlic–a natural probiotic, and pepperettes.

Two Buds’ crop is composted using only ‘green’ fertilizer and they only use clean ground that has not had any previous pesticides. The size and quality of their bulbs are well known and can be purchased loosely or in beautifully decorated bunches. Customers are encouraged to participate in their business by sharing recipes and discussing growing issues at the markets.

In her spare time Cherin is also a very successful pastel pet portrait artist. On request you can view some of her work and possibly arrange a commission.