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Vendor Applications for 2022 Toronto Garlic Festival.

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Festival Information

Date: Sunday, September 25, 2022. Open to the public from 9 AM to 5 PM  Venue: Artscape Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie Street, Toronto ON M5A 3Y2. Travel time from Hwy 401 & Allen Road at 6 to 7 am on a Sunday is about 18 minutes. Expected # of Visitors: 4,000.  # of Vendors: 70 vendors, including 20 garlic farmers, 20 chefs and community chefs, plus craft and specialty vendors.  Vendor Set-Up: From 6:30 AM to 8:30 AM, Sunday Sept 25. Vendor Take Down: 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM, Sept 25.  Vendor Parking: Street parking and City of Toronto Green P Parking.  Festival Promotions: The festival is promoted through print, TV, radio and social media. Media promotions by GAT Public Relations. See past media coverage and Testimonials


Useful Information for Vendors

Food Safety at Special Events – important information for vendors from city of Toronto on food safety and handling.

Insurance –  Vendors receive preferred partner pricing when purchasing insurance through Duuo insurance for Toronto Garlic Festival. Backed by The Co-operators, Duuo provides  affordable vendor insurance that can be purchased in just a few clicks!  To get a free quote please click here

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Waste Reduction Plan

Toronto Garlic Festival’s last occurrence in 2019 resulted in a tremendous amount of waste that has led us to switch from using disposables to reusables in order to reduce our ecological footprint. For the 2022 festival, we’re partnering with Dream Zero, a Toronto-based company designed to help events and food businesses with their sustainable efforts by providing rentable, reusable dishware. By replacing disposable containers, cups, and cutlery with reusable alternatives, we will significantly reduce the amount of waste accumulated over the course of the festival. 




Toronto-based companies that provide reusable dishware:

Knowing where to start your sustainable journey can be overwhelming, so we made this quick list to get you started.

Muuse Canada

  • Customers register on the Muuse App
  • Customers order from your business, requesting for their order to be in a reusable Muuse container or cup
  • Customers scan the QR code on the reusable via the Muuse app, like checking out a library book
  • Customers return the Muuse reusable to local return bin, or request a pickup
  • *For more information, please visit 


  • Customers register on the Suppli app
  • Customers order from your business via the Suppli app so that they can receive their food items in Suppli reusables
  • Customers will then return their Suppli reusables to a local drop off location
  • *For more information, please visit


  • Guest register on the Inwit app
  • Customers order from your business via the Inwit app so that they can receive their food items in Inwit reusables
  • Customers pick up their order at your business location
  • Customers return their Inwit reusables to any participating restaurants
  • *For more information, please visit

CASE Reuse

  • Offers restaurants recirculated takeout containers.
  • Join their waitlist for future opportunities
  • *For more information, please visit 

Suggestions that may help reduce single-use plastic waste and general waste in your business:

  • Only provide utensils/condiments if requested
  • Invest in reusable dishware
  • Conduct a Food Waste Audit
    • Weigh and record plate leftovers – consider eliminating common uneaten side dishes, or reduce proportion sizes
  • Ask customers if they would like to take leftovers home, and use takeout containers made from sustainable materials, or partner with businesses that provide reusable takeout containers such as the ones noted above.
  • Switch to suppliers who sell compostable disposables rather than plastic disposables
  • Important Note: Not all biodegradable and compostable products are accepted in the City of Toronto’s Green Bin program. 
  • Check the City of Toronto’s Waste Wizard to confirm which waste stream these products go in.
  • The overall goal should be to reduce waste wherever possible and not simply replace one disposable with another.