Jennifer Crawford

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Garlic Culture Program: Instagram Chef Jennifer Crawford

“How Do We Love Garlic Fingers Let Us Count 2 Ways with Donair Sauce & Jerk Sauce)”

Chef Jennifer Crawford  joins Chef La-toya Fagan in their virtual demo, “How Do We Love Garlic Fingers Let Us Count 2 Ways,” 

Jennifer E. Crawford is one of the most creative creatures out there, beloved in equal measure for their inventive food and singular approach to… well, everything! Jennifer won MasterChef Canada 2019 with a thrilling menu of Ants on a Log, Mary’s Little Lamb, and Treat Cereal — artful versions of their cherished childhood favourites. Their mastery of fusing technique with whimsy & magic is undeniable, and their enthusiasm for delicious food is just as infectious. Jennifer has been invited to chef and speak across the country, and their snack creations have been featured in publications spanning the hungry plains of the internet. They currently write food columns for Xtra Magazine and Salt Halifax, and are working on their forthcoming novel, “Raging Appetites,” to be published by House of Anansi Press in late 2021.

Winning MasterChef Canada 2019 was just the beginning. From the day filming wrapped, Jennifer hit the ground running as fast as their Crocs could go — working with some of the best chefs in the country, selling out their popular and highly instagrammed Treat Cereal Pop-Up, enthusiastic public speaking events, delicious workshops, and more. Their instagram is widely known for its evocative, thoughtful captions, supportive community & hauntingly beautiful photography.

Currently, Jennifer is — along with their sweetheart Logan and pooch Taiga — renovating their new-to-them 1866 farmhouse, in Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis Valley.