The Origin of Garlic – Professor Robert Litke, Wilfred Laurier University

Garlic Pests & Disease – A.R. Stevenson.

First Estate Olive Oil – Angelo Tramonti

Speaker/Presenter Bios

Robert Litke – Gadshill, Ontario. Mr. Litke, a professor of philosophy, teaches environmental philosophy at Wilfred Laurier University. Robert claims that “Growing garlic is a way to not just talk about biodiversity but to engage in it.” While having his head in the clouds he also has his boots on the ground, weeding and checking on the diverse range of plants in his garlic field.

A.R Stevenson – owner, Ashburnham Farm & Gaelic Garlic. Mr. Stevenson has a have a chemistry and math background and worked in the computer industry since 1971. Helived in the UK for many years, worked in Australia, South Africa, Hong Kong, the US and Canada. In 1998 he began restoring an abandoned drumlin-based farm in Peterborough County and started growing garlic commercially in 2004. He’s been experimenting with bulbils planting for a number of years and now using it to raise base stock. He became aware of the leek moth last year in another local farm and the widespread impact of it in Peterborough County this summer.

Angelo Tramonti – President, Sarafino. Angelo has a passion for food and sustainability. Growing up he remembers planting seeds and picking weeds in the family garden instead of playing sports with his friends. This is something he now appreciates, as gardening has become a part of his lifestyle, stress relief and an important source of his nutrients. Angelo believes that if you do what you love and love what you do, you will never work a day in your life! Sarafino began in 2000 from a need to make real food more accessible to the general public while increasing the value of real olive oil. It felt right promoting what his family was doing in Italy and it just grew from there. Angelo strives to promote and protect traditional farming practices and artisanal food production. His goal is to help bring balance back into human lives, which in turn will bring balance to the Earth. He believes we must first heal ourselves before we can heal the planet.

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