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Festival Poster 2014


TGF festival map Sep14.indd
TGF festival map Sep14.indd


Festival Vendors


Babi & Co. – Sate Babi (charcoal grilled pork satays with pickled cucumbers), Babi on a Bun (braised pork belly on fried chinese buns with pickled cucumbers and sambal mayo), Mie Kuah Kacang (a vegan dish of noodles tossed in seasonal veggies and peanut sauce) and Perkedel (corn and shrimp fritters with garlic chili sauce).


Birchwood Butters – roasted corn with flavoured butters such as roasted garlic, garlic and basil butter and truffle & rosemary butter.


Cafe Belong – cooking demo by Chef Long Sauteed Rapini with Garlic)


Eudora Foods –  samosas and grilled cheese sandwiches with a special edition garlic – jalapeño chutney prepared specifically for the festival.


Fathima’s Kitchen –  Steamed rice with Maldive Fish Mixed with Garlic Paste, Dhal and Tofu Curry. Also, Chicken Biriyani, Samosa, Spring Rolls, Pasthol and Palm Jaggery Pudding.


Globe Bistro – Roasted Garlic Game Pot Pie and Fall Slaw.


Gushi Foods –  Gushi Chicken and new dessert Duu (Japanese pancake pie).


Harrington Lane Farms – Grilled Garlic Lamb Sausage from Harrington Lane Farms, and Ontario Peach Salsa (From These Roots).


Hogtown Charcuterie – Pretzels with Garlic Dips, Smoked Garlic Sausages with Prepared Condiments and Honey Garlic Ribs.


Hooked – Cornmeal Crusted Ontario White Perch (pending availability- could change to silver bass or other small lakefish) with Pickled Ontario Garlic Scape Tartar Sauce.


Jamie Kennedy Fries – Fries with Garlic Inspired House-Made Mayonnaise.


Just A Cup Coffee – assortment of baked goods, including garlic butter tarts, garlic chocolate chip cookies, garlic cheddar biscuits and garlic cheddar scones.


La Marmite Mauricienne / Mauritian Pot – Badia served with garlic/coriander chutney. Akni consisting of cooked rice layered with fresh minced meat and blended with savoury mild spices. Better served with coriander/garlic chutney and garlic/apple kuccha for an original flavour. Le mélange des savers!  Chicken Akni (light version of Briani) served with garlic/apple pickle and garlic/coriander chutney. Vegan Akni option available. And Lamb shank haleem served with garlic and hot sauce with a piece of baguette.


Le Dolci –  Garlic Infused Macaron along with regular flavours.


Liko’s Italian Barbecue –  Grilled Garlic Chicken Skewers, Hawaiian Pork Skewers and Kalua Pork on a Bun.


Limonana – crepes with a Lebanese inspired creme a l’ail with olive oil and za’atar.


Magic Oven –  garlic infused bread pudding with a fruit and garlic compote.


Mildred’s Temple Kitchen – Italian Garlic Soup.


Morgan’s On The Danforth – demo by Chef Anne Sorrenti: Five Vegetables Three Ways.


Roots of Health Nutrition and Meal Delivery – ‘To Cure What Ails’, roasted garlic and chicken soup using Ontario organic garlic and homemade high gelatin chicken broth from pasture raised chicken, made with 4,000 (four thousand) cloves of garlic. Also, Kale and Beet Salad with Red Velvet Dressing, and Roasted Garlic and Almond Brittle.


Smoked and Cracked – Lobster Bisque with Roasted Garlic Toasts, Beef Brisket on  a bun with a Roasted  Ontario Garlic Beaus Imperial Stout BBQ sauce. For a sweet item: Black Garlic Butter Tarts with a Chocolate Roasted Garlic Praline.


The Spice Chef’s Creation – Spiced Garlic Lentil and Tomato Soup Topped with Pressed Rice and Garlic Flakes, Samosas, Samosa Chaat, Chicken Kathi Roll, and Mango Lassi. Plus, Warm Garlic infused Spiced Coffee with Maple Cream and Pumpkin Vanilla Dust.


Thistletown High School Chefs – Garlic Lovers Salsa, fresh made to order pasta, and Ultimate Caesar Salad.


Vegiterra – At the Toronto Garlic Festival they’re serving Crispy Sweet Potato Gnocchi (9 pieces on 3 skewers) with Lemon Garlic Aioli.


Vertical Restaurant – Home Made Garlic Ciabatta Bruschettone, with a traditional Porchetta with “agliata”( garlic confit and Parsley).


Windup Bird Cafe – Chef Kobayashi cooking demo:  how to make Four Kinds Garlic Caprese, using sauteed garlic shrimp, balsamic garlic sauce, bocancini, vine-ripened tomatoes and house fermented black garlic.


Arranhill Garlic Farm – Bruce County, Ontario. Garlic bulbs, braids, seed stock & shallots. The garlic varieties include Rocombole (strain: Russian red) and Porcelain (strains: Music & German Mennonite).


Brant County Garlic – Scotland, Ontario. Premium gourmet garlic varieties (Music, Creole Rocambole, Russian Red). Sales of single bulbs or by the pound, bulk mesh bags in 2, 5, 10, 30 and 60lb table stock or seed garlic. They also provide bulbil seed and their famous dehydrated garlic slices in three sizes.


Cedar Grove Organic Farm – Omemee, Ontario. various garlic varieties including California Late, Polish Hardneck, Russian Red, Persian Star, Ukrainian, Afghan, Music, Azores, Floha, Armenian, Bogatyr and Elephant.


Cobblestone Farm Paris – Paris, Ontario. seven garlic varieties including California Late, Polish Hardneck, Russian Red, Persian Star, Ukrainian, Afghan, Music, Azores, Floha, Armenian, Bogatyr and Elephant.


Earth Valley Organics Ltd – Oro-Medonte, Ontario. Garlic grown from the same strand that Alana’s great-grandparents grew in Ukraine more than 100 years ago. They will also serve their famous Borscht & Garlic Bread.


Edible Earth – Kingston, Ontario. Red Russian, Korean, Music, Ontario Giant, French pink, George Rocambole. Other products include pickled garlic, garlic chips, pickled carrot, pickled beet, black garlic and Kimchi.


Golden Acres Farm – Gads Hill Ontario. Approximately 30 strains of loose garlic for seed or table, including the porcelain strains: Anthony’s Italian, Armenian, Chiloe, Floha, Leningrad, Goergian Crystal, Georgian Fire, Moravia, Music, Polish Hardneck, Portugal 1 Azores, Portugal 2, Romanian Red and Yampolsky. The Marbled Purple Stripes: Bogatyr, Brown Rose, Duganskij, Choparsky, Irkutsk, Metechi and Red Russian. And a few Rocamboles & Purple Stripes. Also for sale:
Handwoven Hedgerow Baskets – Made by Sheri Fleischauer of dogwood and local vines. Also Fine art from the brushes of Sheri and Dianne Fleishauer, and feather, heartnut and natural jewelry, by Sheri Fleischauer.


Healthy Choice Farm – Brampton, Ontario.  25 strains of garlic from around the world.


Heritage Seed and Produce – Westport, Ontario. 


Knechtel Family Farm – Breslau, Ontario. Garlic bulbs and a tomato bruchetta which Mrs. Knechtel makes using their own tomatoes, garlic and fresh herbs.


Langside Farms Organic Garlic – Teeswater, Ontario. Hardneck garlicsincluding Music, Ivan, and a few other small lots of other hardnecks. Also for sale: Elephant garlic (“it has garlic flavour but is really a leek”).


Little Trickle Farm – Douglas, Ontario. Garlic strains & varieties, all grown and produced by Patrick and Heather, include Variety Rocambole (Strains:Carpathian, Reliable, Hungarian); Variety Porcelain (Strains: Music, Romanian Red, Musical, Rosewood); Variety Purple Stripe (Strains: Czech Broadleaf), and unknown strain – Brusse (may be purple stripe). Also for sale: jars of chopped fresh garlic (also grown and processed on Little Trickle Farm).


Love Garlic – Hillsburgh, Ontario. Several varieties of seed garlic, table garlic, garlic braids and specialty garlic products, including Music seed and table garlic, Legacy seed and table garlic, Czech Broadleaf seed and table garlic, Hungarian seed and table garlic, and garlic braids, garlic butter and garlic scape pesto.


Mark Wales Farm Fresh Produce – Aylmer, Ontario. Herbs including Mint and Lavender and of course Garlic.


Peter’s Garlic – Acton, Ontario.  Garlic strains include Choparsky, Romanian Red, Majestic, Georgian Fire and Fergansky.


Samsara Fields – Waterford, Ontario. 30 kinds of heirloom garlic, heirloom tomatoes and canned goods.


Stone Farm Garlic – Fenelon Falls, Ontario.  Artichoke (Portugeorge, Smokin Ray), Porcelain (Rosina, Marguerita, Kintail, Moravia, Susan Delafield),
Rocambole (Rosina Rocambole, Marino, Spanish Roja, French), Italian (Killarney Red), Purple Stripe (Khabar, Vekak Czech, Persian Star), Silver Skin (Fishlake F40, Nootka Rose Elephant). Plus Garlic Scape Pesto, frozen and dehydrated garlic, lavender sugar, T-shirts and garlic braids, and honey from their brother’s farm in Almonte.


Stone Soup Farms – Harlowe, Ontario.  Hand grown heritage garlic.


The Cutting Veg – Sutton, Ontario. Many types of garlic and vegetables.


The Glen Road Organics – City of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario.  Seed garlic, ‘Hawkwind’ variety.


Two Buds – Elmvale, Ontario. Garlic and garlic braids.

Specialty Vendors

Acadian Shamrock Farm, Desboro, Ontario. Pickled garlic scapes (3rd at Royal Winter Fair), garlic jellies, garlic scape mustard, garlic dill pickles, pickles garlic, garlic scape relish, garlic scape vinegar and German Mennonite garlic.


Add Love and Stir, Toronto, Ontario. Roasted Duos (garlic and sweet red pepper) which, combined with a simple base of sour cream or soft cheese tastes absolutely delicious.


Alchemy Pickle Company – Toronto, Ontario. Garlic Soda Kombucha – in bottles and on tap; several flavours of Pickled Garlic Sauerkraut; Kimchi – at least 2 versions; Assorted pickled vegetables; Garlic paste; preserved lemons and/or limes and Pickled Garlic Lemon Hummus.


Brian Hamlin Honey, Toronto, Ontario. Toronto Island honey, Toronto Portlands honey, UofT New College honey, UofT Scarborough honey, Otonabee Valley honey, Rice Lake honey, Rice Lake Basswood honey and Organic Spice honeys, garlic honey, plus his homemade Beeswax candles.


Canadian Black Garlic.  Canadian Black Garlic, Black Garlic paste, Black Garlic Raspberry-Whiskey Jam,  Major Craig’s Chutneys,  Major Craig’s Spices and Major Craig’s Sauces.


Chocosol, Toronto, Ontario.  Fresh Corn Tortillas filled with Garlic Infused Toppings; Fresh coffee, Eating chocolate, Drinking chocolate and Dry goods (cacao beans, nibs).


Harvey’s Honeys – Port Colborne, Ontario. Varietal honey, comb honey, beeswax candles and flavoured honey such as garlic honey.


D.L. Creations – Bayfield, Ontario. Houeswares from reclaimed pieces of wood.


Floralora Flowers – Prince Edward County, Ontario. Fresh cut flowers.


Laura Slack Chocolate Artist, Toronto, Ontario. handmade fresh truffles as well as their very popular Drink of the Gods Drinking Chocolate. They will also serve their Dark Chocolate Skulls filled with Black Garlic infused Salted Caramel Truffle aka Lestat, created especially for the Toronto Garlic Festival.


Pyramid Farm & Ferments – Prince Edward County, Ontario. Sauerkrauts-6 flavours, Kimchi-3 flavours, Kombucha-3 flavours, Pestos-3 types,  dips-hummus, and seasoned sea salts. Most of their products include Ontario garlic.


Sarafino, Uxbridge, Ontario. Olive oil.


Toronto Water, Toronto, Ontario. City of Toronto water truck.


Waxing Lyrical Beeswax Candles, Brampton, Ontario. Pure beeswax candles.

Speakers' Corner

Food Labels 101. Karina Kwong. Department of Public Health, City of Toronto.


Garlic and the City: Growing Garlic in an Urban Setting. Bart Brusse, Sheridan Nurseries.


Garlic is as Good as Gold: Currency, Flue Fighter, Taste Maker. David Sugarman, Ontario Science Centre.


Living a Low Impact Life: The Film vs. Reality. Andrew Knox, Transition Toronto.


Tracing Garlic’s Roots. Peter McClusky, Founder, Toronto Garlic Festival.

Garlic Brading

Bryan “Garlic Man” Mailey

Musical Guest

Carl Dixon ( Coney Hatch, April Wine and The Guess Who)

Face Painting

Jackie Face Paints


No Impact Man – Colin Beavan was a writer living in Manhattan who had the usual concerns over the future of the environment until he realized he wasn’t doing much about it.

Cooking Demos

Four Kinds Garlic Caprese. Chef Yumiko Kobayashi, Windup Bird Cafe.


Five Vegetables Three Ways. Chef Anne Sorrenti, Morgans on the Danforth.


Sauteed Rapini with Garlic. Chef Brad Long, Belong Cafe, with Sarafino.


Garlic Breath Contest – officiated by the Ontario Science Centre (gas chromatograph provided by Oral Chroma).


Ontario’s Great Garlic Photo Contest – by Fresh City Farms with Chef Sang Kim.

Speaker/Presenter Bios

Bart Brusse.  As a boy Bart could never stay still (it wasn’t a psychiatric disorder back then) and had to have his hands in the dirt. This developed into a long career growing plants.  After graduating from the University of Guelph he worked at several nurseries across Canada before finding his place at Canada’s largest combined nursery and garden center – Sheridan Nurseries.  For the past 12 years he has led a team that grow over 1 million trees, shrubs and evergreens at the farm in Georgetown, ON.  At home a neighboring farmer gave Bart some garlic to try growing in 2005 and he was hooked.  Giving away fresh garlic in the fall to family and friends turned into an annual tradition and now for fun Bart and his family grow 1/2 of an acre near Hillsburgh, Ontario.

Andrew Knox. Andrew Knox is the President of Transition Toronto, the Toronto chapter of the global Transition Towns movement.  Transition Towns aim to help communities reduce their dependence on fossil fuels, develop sustainable community resources, and build social resilience.  Andrew is also on track to finish his Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering in 2015, is a full-time energy efficiency consultant, and teaches energy policy in the University of Toronto’s engineering department.

Yumiko Kobayashi. An award-winning textile artist, Yumiko gave up her love of the plastic arts for the greater love of the culinary arts. At Windup Bird Cafe, she integrates locally-sourced ingredients to create healthy internationally-inspired dishes.  She was the Grand Prize winner of the 2014 Harbourfront Centre’s Hot & Spicy Festival Food Challenge.

Karina Kwong. Karina is a Registered Dietitian at Toronto Public Health, where one of the goals is to promote good health for all and to prevent certain chronic diseases that are related to lifestyle behaviours. Going out into various communities and educating the public is one thing that she enjoys doing – individuals can apply the information they learned to make informed, healthy choices in their own and families’ lives.  Before coming to Toronto, she  worked in Ottawa and North Bay.  She has a Bachelors of Nutritional Science degree from McGill University and a graduate degree in public health from University of Waterloo.

Brad Long.  Chef Brad Long of Cafe Belong is recognized as one of the top chefs in Canada. His talents are highly acclaimed by some of the country’s toughest food critics – VQA Restaurant Awards of Excellence and Globe and Mail Top 10 restaurants of the year. Brad is chef and owner of Café Belong and Belong Catering. He is a Co-host of the Food Network smash hit Restaurant Makeover and is currently in post-production of a new provocative food documentary. An active advocate for sustainable farming and ethical treatment of livestock, balancing work and family is vital to Long.

Peter McClusky. After working for several years in New York in marketing-related ventures, Peter McClusky moved back to his hometown, Toronto. His work and volunteerism in small-scale agriculture includes interning on an organic farm; fundraising for, starting and managing farmers’ markets (Aberfoyle, Regent Park); developing a corporate-sponsored farmers’ market buck; and starting the Toronto Garlic Festival. Every year, he plants several thousand garlic plantss. He lives in downtown Toronto. Peter holds a degree in philosophy from the University of Toronto. His blog is at www.peteronthefarm.blogspot.com.

Anne Sorrenti.  Chef Sorrenti is often asked where she got her “training” the answer would be many hours learning from the best cooks – her Nonna, Oma, Trini mother in-law and mother. Their ability to grow, can, preserve and prepare what was local and availble to feed their families is what inspires her cooking everyday. The rest of her experience volunteering as Market Chef for The Stop at Wychwood Barns, teaching kids cooking and working in the industry from age 15 just helped to solidify her view to buy seasonal and local when available, preserve if you can and teach kids to care about what they eat

David Sugarman.  Mr. Sugarman has been providing scientific expertise to the Ontario Science Centre for over 30 years. With an honors degree in biology and a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of Toronto, Mr. Sugarman offers a great depth of knowledge in human biology and medical science. He is frequently interviewed by the media providing answers to general scientific queries and curiosities —from “why do sandwiches get soggy?” to “how to combat fruit flies” to “is there life on Mars?

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