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Kū-kŭm Indigenous Kitchen

Kū-kŭm Indigenous Kitchen will serve Seared Seal with a Roasted Garlic Puree and smoked apples, and Hunters Stew with Garlic Bannock at the 2018 Toronto Garlic Festival.

Chef Joseph Shawana was raised on the Wiikwemkoong Unceded Reserve located on Manitoulin Island on Lake Huron. At a young age he experienced the power that food has to bring people together, and began his culinary journey with the strict philosophy of utilizing the entirety an ingredient to bring its full range of flavours to the palette.

During his childhood, Chef Shawana, alongside his close friends, spent countless days playing outdoors until the sun went down. Together they would make a game of foraging in the fields and forests of Manitoulin Island, searching for the treats of nature, including mushrooms, wild herbs, cedar tree sap, and also indulging in a purple root they called “candy” – known commonly as Canadian wild liquorice, as Chef Shawana would later learn. For Chef Shawana, these foraging games provided insight into the myriad of gifts Mother Earth provides on a daily basis, and informed his whole-ingredient philosophy.

Bestowed with these experiences, Chef Shawana has carried with him his whole-ingredient philosophy throughout his many years in the culinary world, ensuring every ingredient is carefully selected and entirely respected. Every part of our bounty contributes not only to the flavour, but to the health of each dish he creates.

Come join us and experience the culinary story of Canadian Indigenous heritage.

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