Newcomer Kitchen

At the Toronto Garlic Festival the Newcomer Kitchen will serve two Syrian cuisine specialties: Kibbeh and Fattayer. Fall Harvest Vegetable Kibbeh with Spicy Roasted Red Pepper, Tomato and Garlic Dip AND Tahini, Lemon and Garlic Dip (Vegan). Kibbeh is the most popular dish in Syria. Made with a variety of shapes and fillings this Kibbeh celebrates the Fall Harvest from Ontario farms. A dough made from Bulgar (cracked wheat) and potato and pumpkin, it is shaped into little tornadoes and stuffed with a mixture of corn, fresh peppers, mushrooms, potatoes and Ontario GARLIC. Quickly fried and served piping hot it is served with two sauces to showcase fresh Ontario garlic. One is a red spicy sauce made with roasted red peppers and tomatoes and garlic and the other is a creamy tangy tahini lemon sauce also flavoured with smooth rich roasted garlic.

Cheese Fatayer (Fatayer Labneh) (LactoVegetarian): Fatayers are small savory pastries made with a traditional wheat dough flavoured with Mahaoub (a subtle cherry spice) and filled with a mixture of middle eastern cheeses, parsley, Nigella seeds and garlic. Formed into little boats, brushed with artisanal ghee and baked in a wood oven until golden brown.

The Newcomer Kitchen provides on-the-ground entrepreneurial training for Syrian Refugee women to promote their culinary history in a diverse environment.


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