Speakers’ Corner -Garlic Scrub-A-Dub-Dub (garlic body scrub craft workshop (4 PM)

Presentation: Make Your Own Garlic-Infused Exfoliating Scrub (4:00 PM) at Toronto Garlic Festival in the Speakers’ Corner, at east end of the Barn (indoor area).


Attend this workshop and make an exfoliating body scrub that produces a rich lather and gently polishes your skin. The base for this product is a soap handmade from garlic-infused oil and other plant-based ingredients. The facilitator, Catherine Chambers, will guide you through the process of customizing your scrub as you choose from a variety of natural exfoliants and supplemental ingredients, such as clays and essential oils. The final product will be packaged in a biodegradable container. 

During the workshop, Ms. Chambers will facilitate a discussion on the relationship between sustainability and the Do-It-Yourself movement. 

Catherine Chambers is the studio director at Let’s Make It, a ‘craftery’ with locations in Toronto and Richmond Hill. Born in Toronto, Catherine is a social researcher, organizational development consultant, and Ontario Certified Teacher with experience in a number of industries and sectors, including: education (ECE, K-12, College, and University), technology, financial services, chemical, food services, and social assistance and employment. Catherine develops and facilitates learning programs in Canada and the United States on a variety of topics, including: equity and inclusion, leadership, environmental justice, and entrepreneurship. Her work in sustainability education draws from her research on craft theory, and her experiences with community development initiatives in more than 30 municipalities and First Nations communities across Ontario and New Brunswick. Catherine has also worked throughout Canada and in the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Trinidad, South Africa, and with virtual learners in India and Pakistan.