Speakers’ Corner: Get on the Fermentation Train to Black Garlic! (12 PM)

Presentation: Fermented “Black” Garlic: Secrets Revealed (12:00 PM) at Toronto Garlic Festival in the Speakers’ Corner, at east end of the Barn (indoor area).

Meng Karbach brings her skills as a Chef and Product Developer to also be a Regenerative Organic Produce Provider and the proud owner of Food 4 Life Market Garden. 

A 30-year food industry veteran, Meng translated her culinary work in Germany to develop bio-dynamic vegetable growing. This led to the creation of Food 4 Life Market Garden, and the practice of regenerative agriculture to offer healthy and heirloom nutrition dense vegetables. 

The mission of the farm is to grow unique vegetables not commonly found in the grocery store and to practice life-affirming methods of carbon-reduction, non-GMO seed use, and the exclusion of harsh chemicals, pesticides or herbicides. 

When Meng isn’t farming, developing new meal concepts and recipes, she’s working with her clients on product development. It’s a proprietary process Meng developed that covers concept design, ingredient selection, yield optimization, and scalability ensuring new streams of cash flow for her clients who produce new products consistently. 

Fermentation of Garlic 

  • What is fermentation – Fermentation is a process in which bacteria and yeast break down sugars. 
  • History of fermentation – 8 common types of products and their benefits – sauerkraut, kimchi, kefir, tempeh, natto, kombucha, miso, probiotic yogurt  
  • How garlic is fermented to become Black garlic – 2 schools of thoughts.  
  • Far eastern method and Indian method. We use the far eastern method – no other ingredients are added. 
  • Benefits of Black garlic